Fantasy Sliding Block Puzzle Adventure with RPG elements set in a magical medieval universe: Tiles & Tales

Tiles & Tales

by: Trilith
Join Lilly on her adventurous journey to rescue her kingdom Zanira from a new evil menace – the Norbolds. Swipe and stack tiles in this marvelous medieval Fantasy Puzzle RPG in order to fight your enemies.


Gameplay 89%

Tiles & Tales is essentially a puzzle game where you combine blocks of the same color in a grid. Just place your finger in the center of the grid, and drag your finger left, right, up or down, and all the blocks will slide that way. If 2 or more blocks of the same color collide, they will merge into a new one with their values combined.   The objective of each level is to eliminate monsters until you collect enough blue shards to open a portal and exit the stage. When you encounter an enemy, you will have 5 turns to move around the blocks and combine them. When the turn counter reaches zero, the highest value red block with a sword emblem, will give you the power to attack the enemy, and you’ll cause the damage it states. So a 4 value sword will eliminate the monster with 3 HP. If you don’t deplete the enemy hit points, he will attack you, and you’ll lose HP according to its power. The green blocks restore your health back when you find a life fountain, which takes the green block with the highest value after 5 turns, and gives you its value in HP. You also find treasure chests, with you open with the purple key blocks, which give you an item that you activate just by pressing it in the grid without wasting a turn, plus the highest value yellow coin block, which turn into gold that you can use to level up your character and buy items. Everytime you defeat an enemy, the highest value blue block will be added to the portal bar in the bottom of the screen, and once it gets to the max value, a portal will appear and you’ll go to the world map to continue with your adventure. Besides just going to the next level, there are tournaments and special weekly challenges you can enter, which may have an additional tile to collect.

Graphics 97%

Tiles & Tales features a beautiful hand-drawn art style, that looks like very high quality illustrations on a children’s tale book. The characters are fully animated, and the background have several layers so you can see parallax scrolling when walking through a stage.   Besides the shading techniques in the drawings, there are light effects added that make the game look great. You can see the sword reflecting light when the hero lifts it, gold coins sparkling when opening a chest, and the sun shining through the tree branches in the forest. The grid also shows special effects, like fire, ice and other elemental magic applied to the blocks by some wizard enemies. There are many different kinds of monsters and you can also play with other heroes in tons of locations, and everything is very detailed and with superb animation. You can tell that the characters are made with layes of limbs, and sometimes they just rotate the arms or mode the head a little bit, which make them look like weird dolls, but given the effort invested in the visuals as a whole, this is certainly one of the better looking Puzzle RPGs out there.

Production Quality 94%

Tiles & Tales tries something different than most Puzzle RPGs by using a sliding mechanic to combine blocks. But if you merge 3 with one move, you get twice the value of the combined blocks, and if you manage to merge 4 blocks with a single slide, the resulting tile will also double the value of all the blocks in its row and column.   The music really sounds medieval, and fits the stages great. There are happy sounding tunes while visiting towns, and grim scores when you’re exploring caves. The characters also have different voices according to the actions, like the magicians reciting spells, or the way monsters sound when you hit them. The amount of content and gameplay dept in this game is amazing for a title of its kind, you’ll have a had time finding another puzzle RPG with so much quality, play time, and stuff to collect. There are 8 heroes to play with, and you can even forge your own weapons in this endless adventure.

Value for your Money 96%

Tiles & Tales is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You won’t see any advertising, as the game only earns money if you buy golden coins or special red gems used to continue when you lose, forge weapons, buy special items or level up your tiles. If you got the skills, you won’t have a hard time leveling up by yourself without spending any real money, but you may consider buying a package of golden coins if you really enjoy this game.

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Tiles & Tales is a great option for casuals and puzzle veterans looking for an epic adventure with nice music and beautiful visuals. When you play the tutorial, you may think this is just a simple game, but after discovering everything this game has to offer, you notice this is one of the most complex Puzzle RPGs available. Get it now and free the kingdom of Zanira from the evil monsters called the Norbolds. Pros
  • Awesome Graphics and great music, SFX and voice works
  • Simple gameplay with advance mechanics once you get into the later levels
  • Leveling up gets pretty expensive once a tile gets the 5 value

App Help Guru Rating 94%


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