Faraway Puzzle Escape

Faraway Puzzle Escape

Developer: Mousecity

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Faraway Puzzle Escape

Faraway Puzzle Escape

Developer: Mousecity

Faraway Puzzle Escape
Adventure, Hidden Object and Escape
Android, iOS
This game is brand new but it is getting really great feedback. 4.6 on Google Play! I think this is set to be the next big puzzle game! This game has a much better theme than many other similar escape or hidden object games. You are adventuring through mysterious ancient ruins trying to find your lost father who was an explorer. Download it and have fun! If you need help then have a look at our help videos.

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  1. 1. Here you have a full 360-degree view. Look around for clues and pick up the letter behind structure 3.
    2. Go to the structure with one dot above the door. Copy the symbols from the tablet with one bar on it. Go up the ladder.

    3. Pull the laser up to turn it on and look at the tablet for the third door.

    4. Go back down and use the symbols from the second tablet to unlock the second door. Since it’s crumbled, you need to piece it together in your head. Go up the ladder.

    5. There’s another clue here. Make note of it and press the triangle to get another letter. If you want, you can also rotate the pyramid where you might guess it should be, or come back to it later.

    6. Go back down and use the third tablet to unlock the third door. You need to flip the tablet upside-down to make it work. Go up the ladder.

    7. Rotate the pyramid so it reflects the beam to the one across. Take the tile to the left and make note of another clue.

    8. Go back down. Use the four clues you found to open the fourth door. Go up the ladder.

    9. Rotate the pyramid so it reflects the laser to the next one. Go back down.

    10. If you lined up all the pyramids correctly, the last door should be open. The portal is through there, but don’t go yet. Instead, look at the tile and change all the symbols on all the doors to the symbols that king of looks like a T. Take the last letter near the third door.

    11. Go through the last door and up the ladder to the portal. Place the tile on it and go through to complete the level.

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