Faraway Puzzle Escape

Faraway Puzzle Escape

Developer: Mousecity

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Faraway Puzzle Escape

Faraway Puzzle Escape

Developer: Mousecity

Faraway Puzzle Escape
Adventure, Hidden Object and Escape
Android, iOS
This game is brand new but it is getting really great feedback. 4.6 on Google Play! I think this is set to be the next big puzzle game! This game has a much better theme than many other similar escape or hidden object games. You are adventuring through mysterious ancient ruins trying to find your lost father who was an explorer. Download it and have fun! If you need help then have a look at our help videos.



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  1. 1. Look to the right. Pick up the square piece and pull the mechanism up and down until you can grab the yellow bolt. Leave the mechanism all the way up. The reason will become clear later.

    2. Look to the left to get another square piece.

    3. Place the yellow bolt on the door to open it. Go through.

    4. Take the odd piece on the pedestal to the right and the square piece on the left pedestal.

    5. Turn left even more. Pick up the square piece. Put the strange piece on the metal pole and pump the mechanism up and down to lift up the rubble. Pull the lever to the right to reveal a lever in the center of the room. Again, leave the mechanism all the way up. Also, take the strange item back.

    6. Turn to the middle of the room and pull the lever up. It’s an elevator! Pull the lever down to the center when you get somewhere around halfway up, with the orange line just at the top of the screen. Turn around to the left and press the brown brick or reveal a letter. Pick it up.

    7. Go all the way up. Turn to the right and place the strange piece on the metal pole. Pump the mechanism again. When the chest is all the way up, you have a brief moment to pull the lever towards you until the piece holding it up there is gone. Then the chest will drop down and you can take the square piece from on top.

    8. Turn left and look at the red dots. Notice the first column has 3 dots, then 2, then 4. You need to take the elevator down and follow each of the red lines leading from the dots and turn the hand to the right number.

    9. So the first one is near where you found the letter behind the brick. It needs to point at 3, like so:

    10. Just turn right from where you are to see the second one and point it to 2, like so:

    11. And go up a little bit and turn right to see the last one. Point it at 4.

    12. Go all the way back up and turn left to the open chest. Grab the square piece and solve the puzzle to turn on the windmill.

    13. Go back down and outside. Look up at the windmill and watch the order of the symbols on the blades. Start with the gold one and then continue from there.

    14. Place all the square pieces down in the order you saw on the blades, starting with the gold one. Take the yellow bolt.

    15. Go all the way back up. Place the bolt on the peg to the right and take the tile. Also, take the letter underneath it.

    16. Look at the tile in your inventory. It has three yellow lines with rings at the top. It’s telling you to pull all three pumping mechanisms all the way up. If you do so, a letter will appear to the left. Grab it.

    17. Go up the ladder to the portal, place the tile over it and go through to complete level 12.

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