Faraway Puzzle Escape

Faraway Puzzle Escape

Developer: Mousecity

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Faraway Puzzle Escape

Faraway Puzzle Escape

Developer: Mousecity

Faraway Puzzle Escape
Adventure, Hidden Object and Escape
Android, iOS
This game is brand new but it is getting really great feedback. 4.6 on Google Play! I think this is set to be the next big puzzle game! This game has a much better theme than many other similar escape or hidden object games. You are adventuring through mysterious ancient ruins trying to find your lost father who was an explorer. Download it and have fun! If you need help then have a look at our help videos.



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  1. 1. Look at the L shapes above the door. Then rotate the ones on the door so they match the directions above it. Go through.

    2. Turn to the right and press the green buttons until one of them lands on the red dot. The pattern here is the L. When you press a green button, another one will appear in an L shape away from it, like a knight moves on a chess board. So you can plan out your moves this way. Press the red dot and the square should turn yellow.

    3. Turn to the left wall and do the same thing. Only this time you have two dots to deal with.

    4. Cross the bridge and solve the puzzle to the left. You need to line up all the pieces so the outline is a clean rectangle. The empty space will form a sideways L. It should look like this:

    5. Press the button that appears. An elevator will take you down.

    6. Turn left and make note of the three pillars of symbols. See which numbers the connect to. It goes 1, 3, 2.

    7. Go back and right. Pick up the letter.

    8. For this next puzzle, you need to change the symbols on the pillar so they match the ones from the left side we just saw. The order is different here, though. It goes 2, 1, 3. So this is what you need to do. The levers control the three columns. The top one raises the pillar one segment and the bottom lever lowers it one segment. The button rotates the bottom segment of the pillar.

    9. So for the left one (2), first pull the lower lever down. Press the button twice. Pull the lower lever down again. Press the button once. Then last, pull the top lever once. Now it should match the the pillar from the left side of the room.

    10. For the middle pillar and middle levers, you need to match it to pillar 1 from the left side. So first, press the button. Then press the lower lever down. Press the button once. Press the lower lever down again. Press the button twice. And last, pull the top lever up twice. It should now match the pillar from the left side of the room.

    11. And for the final pillar, 3, pull the lower lever down twice and press the button once. One of the latches on a door in the distance will open.

    12. Go back, straight ahead and then left. Open the three coffins. Take the tile from the middle one and the yellow cube from the right one.

    13. Go up the stairs. Break the jars and pick up the letter. Then solve the puzzle on the wall like you did the others. Another latch will open on the door.

    14. Go back and this time head right. Place the yellow cube into the puzzle on the wall and solve it to unlock the final latch and open the door. Don’t go through the portal yet!

    15. Go back to the levers. Notice that the tile in your inventory has dots on it, going from 1 – 6. It’s telling you the order to pull all six levers. Do so and then go fetch the last letter from the left side of the room.

    16. Go back and through the open door. Place the tile on the portal and complete level 13.

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