Faraway Puzzle Escape

Faraway Puzzle Escape

Developer: Mousecity

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Faraway Puzzle Escape

Faraway Puzzle Escape

Developer: Mousecity

Faraway Puzzle Escape
Adventure, Hidden Object and Escape
Android, iOS
This game is brand new but it is getting really great feedback. 4.6 on Google Play! I think this is set to be the next big puzzle game! This game has a much better theme than many other similar escape or hidden object games. You are adventuring through mysterious ancient ruins trying to find your lost father who was an explorer. Download it and have fun! If you need help then have a look at our help videos.



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  1. 1. Turn left. Head onto the second platform on the left. Grab the pickaxe from the wall. Break open a pot and pick up the letter. Look at the patterns on each tablet and make note of it.

    2. Go to the platform to the right of it and press in the buttons so they match the tablets. Pay close attention to the numbers on each side! Take the tile from the inside of the lid.

    3. Look at the tile. Notice there’s a sort of L shape going around it. Change all the sides to match that shape.

    4. Go back and turn right. Head to where the letter appeared and grab it. Use the pickaxe on the weak wall and pull the lever down.

    5. Go back and turn left all the way. Look at the sticks waving in the wind with a 1 in the front. Pay attention to the directions it moves. It moves far right, then straight up.

    6. Go back and up the stairs to the tablet with a 1 on it. Translate the movements you just saw into symbols. It’s confusing and I don’t really like it, but the hard leaning to the right is two arrows pointing right. And the pointing straight up is the red circle, perhaps meant to be a stop sign? I’m not really sure.

    7. Now you can continue to the second table of sticks. More confusion. But it translates to two hard left arrows and one shorter left arrow. We’ll input it later. Go up the ladder.

    8. Take a look at the third table here. The sticks do a soft right arrow and then two arrows facing each other. Use the pickaxe to break the wall here and then pay attention to the shape the yellow sphere makes when it’s viewed from this angle. It’s a U! We’ll use that soon.

    9. Continue through. Head left and pick up the letter. Look at the fourth table. The sticks are blowing hard left, do double arrow left, and then straight up, so red circle. Continue over the bridge to the left.

    10. Use the pickaxe to break down the middle pillar and pay attention to the shape of the yellow sphere from this angle. It looks like a D!

    11. Go back a bit and change all the symbols to match the directions the sticks blew. The laser will turn on.

    12. Go back all the way and turn all the way right. Head to the platform and look at the shape of the yellow sphere from this angle. It’s a half circle! Now put together the three shapes you found.

    13. Head over to the portal. Place the tile on it and go through to complete the level.

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