Faraway Puzzle Escape

Faraway Puzzle Escape

Developer: Mousecity

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Faraway Puzzle Escape

Faraway Puzzle Escape

Developer: Mousecity

Faraway Puzzle Escape
Adventure, Hidden Object and Escape
Android, iOS
This game is brand new but it is getting really great feedback. 4.6 on Google Play! I think this is set to be the next big puzzle game! This game has a much better theme than many other similar escape or hidden object games. You are adventuring through mysterious ancient ruins trying to find your lost father who was an explorer. Download it and have fun! If you need help then have a look at our help videos.



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  1. 1. Head to the left pillar, labeled 1. Take the triangle. Solve the Morse code puzzle by pressing short, short, short, long.

    2. Head to the right pillar labeled 4. Pick up the triangle piece and press short, short, long, short.

    3. Go to the back right pillar and pick up the triangle. Press short, long, short, short, long.

    4. Go to the back left pillar. You have to rotate around this one to see the pattern. Press short, long, short, short, long, short. Also, turn to the back and get the triangle.

    5. Go to the table and take the final triangle. Also, move the rock to get a letter.

    6. This next part is a bit annoying. You need to place the triangles on the table in the right order, based on the numbered pillars. Pay attention to the direction the question mark is pointing and the side of the hexagon that the number is on in relation to the question mark.

    7. Pick up all the triangles again and head down the stairs.

    8. Take a look at the engraving of scales with triangles on each side. You need to place a numbered triangle on the left and then two that add up to that number on the right. There are multiple answers that will work, but I chose 4 = 3 + 1. Take the triangles back and head down to the next equation.

    9. The next one has two on each side. So 4 + 1 = 3 + 2. Take the triangles back and head down to the third equation.

    10. This next equation has an upside-down triangle, which represents a negative number. Yeah, I didn’t get that at first, either. So there are multiple solutions that would work, but I chose 3 = 4 – 1. Take the triangles back and head down to the fourth equation.

    11. This next one has a positive and negative number on each side. So it goes 5 – 2 = 4 – 1. Take the triangles back and head down to the fifth and final equation.

    12. The last one has a negative number on one side and a negative, positive and negative on the other side. So it goes -5 = -4 + 2 – 3. Take the triangles back and head down the stairs.

    13. Pick up the letter and look at the sculpture to the right will holes in it. Memorize the location of the holes. Then go across to the board with hanging pieces. Find the ones that are directly across from the holes on the other side and get them swinging at the same time so light comes through and into the holes across from them. If you did it right, you should be able to get the tile.

    14. Don’t use the tile yet! Look at it and notice the question marks on it. It’s telling you it’s the mirror image of the first solution. Go back up to the table. Place the triangles on it so that each one is in the opposite spot (mirror image) of where it was the first time. So 3 goes opposite of 4 and 1 goes opposite of 2, but 5 stays in the same spot. It should look like the screenshot below. This is actually the first order I tried when I played it, and seemed like the most logical order to me. I’m not sure why this one gives the letter instead of the other order. But so it is. Take the last letter.

    15. Go down and place the tile on the portal. Head through to complete level 15.

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