Fight for your life in a Sci-Fi FPS Horror game that will send chills down your spine: Dead Effect

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Space is cold and full of horrors. Discover the mysteries of the ESS Meridian, and wander around its impressive environments with intense background music in this Sci-Fi horror First Person Shooter created for Mobile Devices.

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Gameplay 80%

Dead Effect is a First Person Shooter that takes place in a futuristic space station, where a soldier wakes up after hibernation and finds herself in the middle of a zombie outbreak.   You have a virtual joystick on the bottom left part of the scree to move, and you touch the center of the screen and drag your finger to look around. In the bottom right corner there are virtual buttons to aim, shoot, reload and throwing granades. There’s also a weapon icon on the top right corner to change your currently equipped gun, and on the left side, there’s the pause button and the amount of money you have. The game is divided in chapters, and while your mission objectives may vary a little, you always have to go from Point A to Point B, exploring other sections of the space station while killing zombies and special mutants. Sometimes you’ll have to activate a switch in a room to open a door far away from your destination. Like classic FPS, this game is a little more exploration based than modern multiplayer focused arena shooters. After you win a level, you can use your money to purchase new weapons or upgrade the ones you already have. Power, Reloading Time, Accuracy and Magazine Size are upgradable, and you also have a Shock Glove that automatically recharges, and you can use it to electrocute zombies when you run out of ammo.

Graphics 98%

Dead Effect features top notch quality graphics that are on par with the most popular RPG and First Person Shooters available for Mobile Devices. While it isn’t as realistic looking as some of the most recent unreal powered titles, you’ll be blown away by the visuals this game is able to display on your phone, and it looks better yet in a big tablet.   You can see the whole stage being illuminated by your shots and electric blasts, and some elements on the space station explode and you can see sparks coming out of doors and machinery. There are a lot of cool looking special effects to see, the zombies are pretty detailed, and while there’s isn’t much variety in the enemies, they’re pretty scary looking and are very well animated. If you play this at night, you may really get goosebumps while exploring the eerie levels.

Production Quality 93%

Compared to similar games available for PC, Dead Effect may feel a little basic in gameplay, and short in lenght, but being able to play this on the go, and free, it’s what makes it a great title to have.   The controls are perfectly designed for touch screen, and you’ll have no trouble making sure the undead doesn’t rise again. There’s a story told by spoken dialogs and cutscenes, and while the script isn’t very original or anything Hollywood Film quality, it’s interesting in its own right. There are many weapons at your disposal, and you’ll see many different sections in the space station so you won’t get boring exploring the dark hallways. At first everything will look almost the same and you’ll probably get lost easily, but as you advance you’ll get to laboratories, the armory, crew living quarters, medical rooms and secret sections and you’ll begin to wonder just how big this place is. The main campaign with 12 chapters, and it may take you about 5 hours to beat. Besides playing the story mode, there are 2 more game modes with different missions to keep you busy a little longer.

Value for your Money 96%

Dead Effect is free on Google Play, but it contain ads, and some weapons can only be bought through in-app transactions. You can also buy in-game credits to power up your arsenal, but it is posible to beat the game with only free play, although it’ll be considerable more difficult.

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Dead Effect is not really competition for Doom, Dead Space,  Dead Trigger and other popular FPS titles, you’ll find an entertaining campaign to play here. If you want to shoot zombies in your Android device, now’s your chance. Pros
  • Great graphics for a mobile title
  • Many missions, weapons and enemy types
  • Story mode a little short for a modern FPS
  • The first levels look almost the same, making it easy to get lost

Game Help Guru Rating 92%


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