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Fishdom: Level 376 Walkthrough

Well this game is a Playrix classic. Hundreds of levels of fishy fun! It is of course a classic match 3 style game, and if you like match 3 then Fishdom will be for you. Artwork is solid and there are other features such as adding your own touches to underwater tanks and animated characters. We have walkthroughs for every level below when you get stuck and need a hand!
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  1. Joel
    2 years ago

    My Level 376 only has 30 moves. I am stuck

    1. Matt
      2 years ago

      Hi Joel, they change some of the levels a little from time to time. It is really annoying because we can’t go back and just re-record a single level. I hop to put up a more general strategy guide at some point, then even if they change levels we can still give more general strategy tips.

  2. Ninette
    2 years ago

    I’m stuck on game 376 not enough moves to win. Is there a way to skip a game. You can’t win this game with only 30 moves. Not a lot of bombs.

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