Fortnite: Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide


by: Epic Games
        Fortnite is easily one of the most popular games of this decade. Dropped onto a battlefield with friends and enemies, it’s an all out battle royale to see who can survive.. all while building yourself an awesome fort too. Follow our guide to survive the battleground!


1. Start with a Familiar Location and Learn the Map

When it comes to Fortnite, where you start on the battleground is one of the most important parts of the game. The more you play, the more you will familiarize yourself with the map. It can help to learn a particular location that works best for your gameplay style, and always try to start in that location when you play. This can give you a leg on on the competition. It will also help if you traverse the entire map, so you will be familiar with it as you play. Fortnite

2. Learn to Move While Shooting

You have to be prepared to return fire in intense circumstances. You never know when you could come under fire, even when moving across the map. Learning to fire while moving is key on the mobile versions of Fortnite. Managing the camera and moving your character while also firing, all on a touch screen, can prove difficult. But if you learn the skill, you’ll be much better in a fire fight. Fortnite Screenshot 2

3. Get Building!

Fortnite Differentiates itself from most other battle royale games by having the ability to build and edit the world around you, similar to Minecraft. Building is a very important part of the game, and you should play around with it at the beginning to get a hang of how it works. Once you excel at building, you’ll be able to protect yourself further from coming under attack. You should also turn on Turbo Build to help speed up the process. Fortnite Screenshot 3

4. The Guns

What good is a battle royale shooter without weapons? Be sure to try out the different guns offered in Fortnite to see which ones work best for you. You should also turn on aim assist or even auto fire if you feel it will help you get a leg up on your competitors. Fortnite Screenshot 4

5. Play with your Loadout

If you want to excel in Fortnite, it’s a good a idea to play around with different loadout options to meet your play style. You might feel more comfortable with AR guns. Or maybe tactical or sniper is the way to go. You should try out every option to see what you like best. There are many ways to excel in Fortnite. But if you follow our tips, you’ll be the champion of the battleground and the best builder in the universe. Good luck out there!

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