Game Guide: Pirates of the Caribbean Tides of War


A pirate’s life for me.

Disney’s highly successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has come to mobile with an official new game. Pirates of the Caribbean Tides of War is a strategy RPG/base management game that takes place across the timeline of the five films. The game features beautiful graphics, great music, and fantastic Pirates lore.

If you need help building your crew, look no further! Below you’ll find our top tips for Pirates of the Caribbean Tides of War.

Complete Every Mission: Don’t skip quests. Be sure to complete every mission to earn your resources and experience. Missions are a key component of the game.

Upgrade Your Fleet: Don’t forget to upgrade your ships. Upgrades can greatly improve your ships power, and even the rewards you can find. It’s worth upgrading!

Complete the Daily Quests: Be sure to log in everyday to complete daily quests and earn rewards. Make Tides of War a part of your daily routine!

Follow our tips and you will be a master pirate in no time! Have any other tips for your fellow pirates? Leave them in the comments below!


  1. Alicia Hogue says:

    I was.wondering how you can find a group you are.looking for I know how to go to alliance search but I’m talking about is there a way to fight d individuals cords like in alliance search you got there members is there a way to click on one of the members and get there cords

  2. Alicia Hogue says:

    Love the game but my complaints are that it takes to long to upgrade guarantees.and things and way to many resources for upgrades

  3. Sondra says:

    Thanks for finally writing about > Game Guide: Pirates of the Caribbean Tides
    of War |

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