Game Guide: SimCity BuildIt


City building 101.

SimCity BuildIt is the very popular Android and iOS mobile game that brings the iconic SimCity franchise to your favorite tablets, phones, and devices. The game has been continually updated since release, with new features being added from EA.

Making the perfect city can be tough, but that’s why we’re here! Below you’ll find our top tips for creating a masterpiece of a city in SimCity BuildIt.

Produce, Produce, and Produce Some More: Never stop producing something in SimCity BuildIt. You’ll want a constant stream of goods being made at all times. Remember, you can sell any extras you have either at the Trade Depot, or to Mayor Daniel (the NPC).

Be Patient: SimCity BuildIt is not your standard PC city building game. Unless you are patient, you will be spending real world money in this game. Unless you desperately want to improve your city fast, don’t forget to be patient. Play it casually, off and on all day. It will help you refrain from spending any extra real world cash on virtual cash and goods.

Early On, Stay Focused: Focus on core utilities and your basic city needs early on. Anything else isn’t important. Water, fire, health, etc, are the only elements that matter early in the game. Build your city slowly.

Know your Neighbors: One of the best elements of SimCity BuildIt is the social element. Join the Facebook page, join forums, and look for other communities. Chat with other players, and share tips. Be friendly!

Follow our tips and you will be a SimCity master mayor in no time! Have any other tips for your fellow mayors? Leave them in the comments below!


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