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Grand Theft Auto V (1000167): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Grand Theft Auto V
Rockstar Games
Action, Adventure, Open World
PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBox 360, XBox One
Release Date:

Grand Theft Auto V: Walkthroughs

This is a great game developed by Rockstar and the latest part of the GTA franchise. Even though it was released in 2013 it is still so playable today! As always, choose your play from 1st or 3rd person and roam the streets causing trouble. These games can be quite graphic so maybe not for the young ones! If you need help with a mission then check out all of our walkthroughs or leave a comment in our discussion forum.
Walkthroughs (83)
Q&A (5)
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Prologue GTA 5 Prologue
Mission 1 Franklin and Lamar
Mission 2 Repossession
Mission 3 Complications
Mission 4 Father and Son
Mission 5 Chop
Mission 6 Marriage Counseling
Mission 7 Daddy's Little Girl
Mission 8 Friend Request
Mission 9 The Long Stretch
Mission 10 The Good Husband
Mission 11 Casing the Jewel Store
Mission 12 Carbine Rifles
Mission 13 The Jewel Store Job
Mission 14 Bugstars Equipment
Mission 15 BZ Gas Grenades
Mission 16 The Jewel Store Job
Mission 17 Mr. Philips
Mission 18 Trevor Philips Industries
Mission 19 Nervous Ron
Mission 20 Crystal Maze
Mission 21 Friends Reunited
Mission 22 Fame or Shame
Mission 23 Dead Man Walking
Mission 24 Three's Company
Mission 25 By the Book
Mission 26 Did Somebody Say Yoga?
Mission 27 Hood Safari
Mission 28 Scouting the Port
Mission 29 Minisub
Mission 30 The Merryweather Heist
Mission 31 Cargobob
Mission 32 The Merryweather Heist
Mission 33 Hotel Assassination
Mission 34 The Multi Target Assassination
Mission 35 Boiler Suits
Mission 36 Masks
Mission 37 Trash Truck
Mission 38 Tow Truck
Mission 39 Blitz Play
Mission 40 Mr Richards
Mission 41 I Fought the Law
Mission 42 The Vice Assassination
Mission 43 The Bus Assassination
Mission 44 Eye in the Sky
Mission 45 Caida Libre
Mission 46 Deep Inside
Mission 47 Minor Turbulence
Mission 48 The Construction Assassination
Mission 49 Paleto Score Setup
Mission 50 Predator
Mission 51 Military Hardware
Mission 52 The Paleto Score
Mission 53 Derailed
Mission 54 Monkey Business
Mission 55 Hang Ten
Mission 56 Surveying the Score
Mission 57 Bury the Hatchet
Mission 58 Pack Man
Mission 59 Fresh Meat
Mission 60 The Ballad of Rocco
Mission 61 Cleaning out the Bureau
Mission 62 Reuniting the Family
Mission 63 Architect's Plans
Mission 64 Doting Dad
Mission 65 Fire Truck
Mission 66 Legal Trouble
Mission 67 The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew)
Mission 68 The Bureau Raid (Roof Entry)
Mission 69 The Wrap Up
Mission 70 Lamar Down
Mission 71 Meltdown
Mission 72 Parenting 101
Mission 73 Planning the Big Score
Mission 74 Gauntlet
Mission 75 The Big Score
Mission 76 Planning the Big Score
Mission 77 Driller
Mission 78 Sidetracked
Mission 79 The Big Score
Final Mission 1 Something Sensible (Kill Trevor)
Final Mission 2 The Time's Come (Kill Michael)
Final Mission 3 The Third Way (Deathwish)
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