Letter Soup Cafe

Letter Soup Cafe

Developer: Candywriter LLC

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Letter Soup Cafe

Letter Soup Cafe

Developer: Candywriter LLC

Letter Soup Cafe
Candywriter LLC
Puzzle, Word
Android, iOS
These types of word games are starting to get really popular! You are given some letters in a 'bowl of soup' and you need to make different combinations to form words. The great thing about this game is that it is divided into packs that are themed for international restaurants, it is a nice touch! It also has a very high rating on Google Play, with very few people rating it less than 4 stars, it is rare that you see that! There are over 900 levels in total and we have every answer!

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    1. Hi Kathy, I suggest you email the developer. If you go to your app store they will have contact details for them.

  1. I purchased several hints but they don’t show up after it says I paid successfully. Have I locked something?

    1. Hi Renita, try to contact the developer. You will be able to get their email address from your app store.

  2. I can’t seem to get the free hints. Every time I select it when it pops up, it shuts the game down and takes me to my home screen.

    1. Hi Sandra, it sounds like a bug in the game. Maybe try to contact the developer. their email address is on the app store.

  3. When does this game end ? I am 126% complete at the Terminal Cafe with 100 games until next promotion . It just won’t end !!!

    1. Haha 🙂 They have added new levels a few times. We played it to the end recently and added all the answers but they may have added more levels!

  4. Game won’t accept a valid answer so won’t let me move forward. Any thoughts on how to bypass this level?

    1. Hi Lin, can you let me know the level you are on, the available letters, and the words you have. And then I can try to help.

  5. Sabor de Cuba #2
    Letters: sinful
    Nil, ifs, sin,sun,fin,fun,nils,fins,sinful

    Trying to enter ins for my final word.


  6. The game is not giving me the free hints when I click on Free Hint box. Only comes up with the 25 hints for refering someone. L

  7. I never thought I’d like this game, let alone get addicted! However, part of my personality needs to FINISH things! Sooo, like the questioner above, I need to know: WHEN DOES IT END? AND is it repeating games? Does anyone know? It’s hugely clever but I want to move on. I’m spending way too much, lol!

  8. I have enjoyed this game for weeks but now it just keep turning off everytime I try to use it. I would like to know if this can be fixed, and if it will be fixed, otherwise i will look for another similar game. I would appreciate some kind of answer, or I’m done.

    1. Hi Barbara, we don’t make the game, we just post answers. Maybe try emailing the developer and explain the issue in detail. You can get their email address from the Play Store.

  9. I have a blackened icon for the game. I can’t play, open or even delete the game. I love the game and need to know how to get it back.

    1. Hi Carole, this sounds like a bug. Please email the developers. You can get their email from the app store. We don’t make the game, we just try to help people! 🙂

  10. Can someone PLEASE tell me how many levels there are TOTAL in this game? Someone else asked this question and didn’t get a response.
    I just completed the 100th (!) level in Voodoo Cafe, which I thought would be the end (finally!) but nope, up pops a “surprise” cafe. Not a good surprise. ☹️ It’s a great game but I’m ready to be done. When does it end??!

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