Quiz Logo Game

Quiz Logo Game

Developer: Lemmings at Work

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Quiz Logo Game

Quiz Logo Game

Developer: Lemmings at Work

Quiz Logo Game
Lemmings at Work
Logo and Brand Guessing
Well there are logo guessing games and then there is this game! It is really great. The developer Lemmings at Work have done a really great job, there are literally thousands of levels to play! The gameplay is smooth and the logos are fun to guess. You also get bonus packs for specific countries like Australia, USA, Britain, etc. We have compiled ALL the answers below, so if you get stuck then just select your level and logo number, or look through the thumbnails. Let us know if you find anything missing!

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  1. Aleksandar says:

    Level 6, logo 15
    Level 7, logo 11
    I use android…….

    1. mattbooth says:

      Hi Aleksander.. They may have changed the levels around.. What do the logos look like?

    2. tom says:

      lvl6 – logo15 – Bed Bath & Beyond
      lvl7 – logo11 – Starburst

      1. mattbooth says:
  2. Bruce says:

    Have changed around a lot of levels

    1. mattbooth says:

      Thanks Bruce, I’ll take a look and update it.. are you on Android or iOS?

      1. Bruce says:
      2. Bruce says:
  3. DEB says:

    Don’t see answers for Retro level

    1. mattbooth says:

      Hi Deb, Retro is new, I’ll get the answers up soon, thanks!

      1. Justin says:

        Why ? Is now 2018 in there’s no retro 3 ??

        1. mattbooth says:

          Thanks Justin, hopefully we can add it soon.

    2. Laiba says:

      I don’t see mine aswell

      1. mattbooth says:

        Hi Laiba, what pack are you in? What does your logo look like? How many letters is the answer?

        1. mattbooth says:

          You could also list out all your letters and it may help me to give you the answer 🙂

  4. BobbyTom says:

    Cool, finally a site that has the correct quiz logo game answers! Thanks

  5. toocool says:

    Win, thanks. now i know the answers are here it will save me heaps of time

  6. April says:

    8 letter logo
    Looks like starts with c and m in middle and k at end

  7. precious says:

    logos game it’s soo hard when you have finished your clues….and answers. ……just stuck

    1. mattbooth says:

      Precious, where are you stuck?

  8. Raphael says:

    I can’t find retro 3 answers

    1. mattbooth says:

      Oooh, Retro 3 is new! We will get onto it soon 🙂

  9. Thomas Poff says:

    Internet levels aren’t in there?

  10. mattbooth says:

    Wow, great work!!! 🙂

  11. Alan Kim says:

    There is no retro 3 and above. Aprecciate if this gets updated.

  12. Maryanne says:

    There is no USA 6

  13. Ágnes Kolozsvári says:

    Hy I tried to do the chellenge in google play, i stuck in video games… 1 have to do 5 in a row… i have 3, i dont know wich means video games. I did 13 level full… it most be more then 25 video games i did 88% wich is the 12 % please help! 🙂

  14. mattbooth says:

    I think at the moment our most asked about level groups are Retro and Retro 2. Let us know if you need any more help! The retro ones are actually really cool because they show the older version of the logo too!

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