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That Level Again (348): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
That Level Again
Android, iOS

That Level Again: Walkthroughs

This is a different game. Its a platform game which is made with a sketched up theme. It is quick and to the point and all you need to do is solve a little puzzle on the screen so that you can move on to the next level. If you get stuck we have walkthroughs for all 64 levels below.
Walkthroughs (64)
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Level 1 Plain and Simple
Level 2 Try More
Level 3 Just press on it
Level 4 Back
Level 5 Try Dying
Level 6 Don't touch it
Level 7 Press Harder
Level 8 Shambles
Level 9 Faster faster faster
Level 10 Another control
Level 11 Press pause
Level 12 Bad weather
Level 13 Knock Knock
Level 14 Don't trust your eyes
Level 15 Use telekinesis
Level 16 Sometimes you are Mario
Level 17 Shabby door
Level 18 Save the Jumps
Level 19 Danger
Level 20 Save your soul
Level 21 Moon
Level 22 Play with gravity
Level 23 Ok. Just give up
Level 24 Like in the library
Level 25 Moon and one jump
Level 26 It's simple
Level 27 Like a boll
Level 28 Try like this
Level 29 Something heavy
Level 30 On the plane
Level 31 Gravity fails
Level 32 Next Photo
Level 33 Right place to die
Level 34 Ping
Level 35 Pause bug
Level 36 I am fainting
Level 37 Retreat
Level 38 TBA
Level 39 Volume
Level 40 Take it easy
Level 41 Stay on the button
Level 42 One more button
Level 43 Traps
Level 44 Touch you corpse
Level 45 Just one finger
Level 46 Secret way
Level 47 Upside down
Level 48 Find my button
Level 49 Mirror
Level 50 Vector
Level 51 Hop hop
Level 52 Lift up
Level 53 Push
Level 54 Wake up
Level 55 Fast
Level 56 Door Menu
Level 57 L R U
Level 58 Fillthe gap
Level 59 Stuck in time
Level 60 Back 2
Level 61 Selfoperation
Level 62 Password 1234
Level 63 Earthquake
Level 64 Hint
Level 65 Touch you corpse 2
Level 66 Attention
Level 67 Traffic Light
Level 68 The character
Level 69 Lick the device
Level 70 Left right up
Level 71 Roll on
Level 72 New outlook
Level 73 The equation
Level 74 Follow the arrow
Level 75 Drawing
Level 76 Tooth
Level 77 Go ahead
Level 78 New control 2
Level 79 Arrange
Level 80 Jigsaw puzzle
Level 81 Teleportation trick
Level 82 Metamorphosis
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