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What The Riddle 100 Riddles (1000267): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
What The Riddle 100 Riddles
Developer: Tiny4Games

What The Riddle 100 Riddles: Answers

This is a fun riddle game with 100 levels in total. The developer for Android is tiny4games, and on Apple it is VerySimpleApps. The interface isn't as polished as some of the bigger brands but there are no bugs and the riddles are fun. We have all 100 answers.
Answers (100)
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Riddle 1
The More You Have Of It, The Less You See. What Is It?
Riddle 2
What's Black When You Get It, Red When You Use It, And White When You'Re All Through With It?
Riddle 3
I Am Always Hungry, I Must Always Be Fed. The Finger I Touch, Will Soon Turn Red
Riddle 4
I Know A Word Of Letters Three. Add Two, And Fewer There Will Be
Riddle 5
When Young, I Am Sweet In The Sun. When Middle-Aged, I Make You Gay. When Old, I Am Valued More Than Ever
Riddle 6
All About, But Cannot Be Seen. Can Be Captured, Cannot Be Held. No Throat, But Can Be Heard
Riddle 7
Until I Am Measure I Am Not Known. Yet How You Miss Me. When I Have Flown.
Riddle 8
I Drive Men Mad For Love Of Me, Easily Beaten, Never Free.
Riddle 9
Lighter Than What I Am Made Of, More Of Me Is Hidden Than Is Seen.
Riddle 10
Each Morning I Apperar To Lie At Your Feet. All Day I Will Follow O Matter How Fast You Run, Yet I Nearly Perish In The Midday Sun
Riddle 11
I Am Seen In The Water If Seen In The Sky. I Am In The Rainbow, A Jay's Feather, And Lapis Lazuli
Riddle 12
Glittering Points That Downward Thrust, Sparkling Spears That Never Rut.
Riddle 13
Three Lives Have I. Gentle Enough To Soothe The Skin, Light Enough To Caress The Sky, Hard Enough To Crack Rocks.
Riddle 14
At The Sound Of Me, Men May Dream Or Stamp Their Feet At The Sound Of Me, Women May Laugh Or Sometimes Weep.
Riddle 15
I Build Up Castes. I Tear Down Mountains. I Make Some Men Blind. I Help Others To See. What Am I?
Riddle 16
Two In A Corner, 1 In A Room, 0 In A House, But 1 In A Shelter. What Am I?
Riddle 17
It Cannot Be Seen, It Weighs Nothing, But When Put Into A Barrel, It Makes It Lighter. What Is It?
Riddle 18
What Starts With A T, Ends With A T, And Has 'T' In It?
Riddle 19
Say My Name And I Disappear. What Am I?
Riddle 20
Forward I'm Heavy, But Backwards I'm Not. What Am I?
Riddle 21
Kings And Lords And Christians Raised Them Since They Stand For Higher Powers Yet Few Of Them Would Stand, I'm Certain, If Women Ruled This World Of Ours
Riddle 22
Soft And Fragile Is My Skin. I Get My Growth In Mud. I'm Dangerous As Much As Pretty. For If Not Careful, I Draw Blood.
Riddle 23
I Am A Box That Holds Keys Without Locks, Yet They Can Unlock Your Soul. What Am I?
Riddle 24
What Gets Wetter As It Dries?
Riddle 25
I'm Full Of Holes, Yet I'm Full Of Water. What Am I?
Riddle 26
It's Red, Blue, Purple And Green, No One Can Reach It, Not Even Queen. What Is It?
Riddle 27
What Has A Neck And No Head, Two Arms But No Hands?
Riddle 28
What Makes A Loud Noise When Changing Its Jacket, Becomes Larger But Weighs Less?
Riddle 29
The More You Take, The More You Leave Behind.
Riddle 30
Remove Six Letters From This Sequence To Reveal A Familiar English Word. Bsainxlaeatntears
Riddle 31
Alive Without Breath, As Cold As Death. Clad In Mail Never Clinking. Never Thirsty, Ever Drinking.
Riddle 32
What Has Roots That Nobody Sees. Is Taller Than Trees, Up, Up It Goes. Yet It Never Grows?
Riddle 33
I'm Lighter Than Air But A Million Men Can'T Lift Me. What Am I?
Riddle 34
I Go In Hard. I Come Out Soft. You Blow Me Hard. What Am I?
Riddle 35
If You Drop Me Im Sre To Crack But Give Me A Smile And I'Ll Always Smile Back
Riddle 36
Little Miss Eticote In Er White Petticoat And Her Red Nose. The Longer She Stands, The Shorter She Grows
Riddle 37
What Force And Strength Cannot Get Through, I, With A Gentle Touch, Can Do. And Many In The Street Would Stand, Were I Not A Friend At Hand
Riddle 38
Round Like An Apple, Deep Like A Cup, Yet All The King's Horses Cannot Pull It Up.
Riddle 39
Black We Are And Much Admired, Men Seek Us If They Are Tired, We Tire The Horse, Comfort The Man, Guess This Riddle If You Can.
Riddle 40
I'm White, Im Round, But Not Always Around. Sometimes You See Me, Sometimes You Don’T. What Am I?
Riddle 41
I Have An End But No Beginning, A Home But No Family, A Space Without Room. I Never Speak But There Is No Word I Cannot Make. What Am I?
Riddle 42
Two In A Whole And Four In A Pair And Six In A Trio You See And Eight's A Quartet But What You Must Get Is Te Name That Fits Just One Of Me?
Riddle 43
Three Little Letters A Paradox To Some. The Worse That It Is, The Better It Becomes.
Riddle 44
I Appear In The Morning But Am Always There. You Can Never See Me Though I Am Everywhere. By Night I Am Gone, Though I Sometimes Never Was. Nothing Can Defeat Me But I Am Easily Gone. What Am I?
Riddle 45
What Word Is The Same Written Forward, Backward And Upside Down?
Riddle 46
What Surrounds The World, Yet Dwells Within A Thimble?
Riddle 47
I Am Big And Mighty, And Scared Of Sharp Objects I Feed Everyone And Watch People Go By. I Have My Feet Stuck And Hate Talking With My Big Mouth. What Am I?
Riddle 48
I Wear A Red Robe, With Staff In Hand, And A Stone In My Throat. Cut Me And I Weep Red Tears. What Am I?
Riddle 49
Gets Rid Of Bad Ones, Short And Tall, Tightens When Used. One Size Fits All.
Riddle 50
I Have A Mouth On My Head And Eat Everything. What Am I?
Riddle 51
If You Have It, You Want To Share It. If You Share It, You Don'T Have It. What Is It?
Riddle 52
People Need Me But They Alwayys Give Me Away. What Am I?
Riddle 53
What Kind Of Pet Always Stays On The Floor?
Riddle 54
Snake Coiled Round And Round, Snake Deep Below The Ground, Snake That's Never Had A Head, Snake That Binds But Not With Dread.
Riddle 55
What Do You Not Want To Have And Not Want To Lose?
Riddle 56
I Sit In A Corner And Travel Around The World. What Am I?
Riddle 57
Man Walks Over, Man Walks Under, In Times Of War He Burns Asunder. What Is It?
Riddle 58
It Can Be Cracked, It Can Be Made, It Can Be Told, It Can Be Played. What Is It?
Riddle 59
What Can'T Be Burned In A Fire Nor Drowned In Water?
Riddle 60
I Am Always With You But Commonly Forgotten. You Use Me Constantly, And Can Sometimes Be Rotten. What Am I?
Riddle 61
I Run Cold And Hot. I Look Blue But Am Red. What Am I?
Riddle 62
Lovely And Round, I Shine With Pale Light. Grown In Darkness, A Ladies Delight. What Am I?
Riddle 63
We Are Not Flesh, Feather, Scales Nor Bone; Yet We Still Have Fingers And Thumbs Of Our Own. What Are We?
Riddle 64
I Cover What Is Real And Hide What Is True, But Sometimes I Bring Out The Courage In You. What Am I?
Riddle 65
Sometimes You'Ll Find Me Hard And Cold, Other Times Im Hard To Hold, Always Present In The Air, If I'm Ever Gone Beware. What Am I?
Riddle 66
The Person Who Makes It Has No Need For It. The Person Who Purchases It Does Not Use It. The Person Who Does Use It Does Not Know He Or She Is. What Is It?
Riddle 67
It Is An Insect, And The First Part Of Its Name Is The Name Of Another Insect. What Is It?
Riddle 68
What English Word Retains The Same Pronunciation, Even After You Take Away Four Of Its Fice Letters?
Riddle 69
What Word Of Five Letters Has Only One Left When Two Letters Are Removed
Riddle 70
It Is Everything To Someone, And Nothing To Everyone Else. What Is It?
Riddle 71
What Has A Mouth But Can'T Chew?
Riddle 72
A Man Says, "Brothers And Sisters, Have I None, But That Man's Father Is My Father's Son." Who Is He Pointing At?
Riddle 73
If It Is Two Hours Later, Then It Will Take Half As Much Time Till Its Midnight As It Would E If It Were An Hour Later. What Time Is It?
Riddle 74
What Has A Ring, But No Finger?
Riddle 75
What Has Four Legs, But Can'T Walk?
Riddle 76
What Is Higher Without The Head, Than With It?
Riddle 77
What Is Harder To Catch The Faster You Run?
Riddle 78
What Invention Lets You Look Right Through A Wall?
Riddle 79
What Is That You Will Break Everytime You Name It?
Riddle 80
What Do You Call A Dog That Sweats So Much?
Riddle 81
What Rains At The North Pole?
Riddle 82
What Calls For Help, When Written In Capital Letters, Is The Same Forwards, Backwards And Upside Down?
Riddle 83
What Body Part Is Pronounced As One Letter But Written With Three, Only Two Different Letters Are Used?
Riddle 84
What Keeps Things Green And Keeps Kids Occupiied In The Summertime?
Riddle 85
There Are Four Of These, But Everyone's Favourite Seems To Be Spades
Riddle 86
What Kind Of Apple Has A Short Temper?
Riddle 87
What Is Round On Both Ends And Hi In The Middle?
Riddle 88
A Shower That Lights Up The Sky.
Riddle 89
Longer Than A Decade And Shorter Than A Millenium.
Riddle 90
Rolling On Floor
Riddle 91
What Bone Has A Sense Of Humour?
Riddle 92
The More Of Them You Take, The More You Leave Behind. What Are They?
Riddle 93
What Word Looks The Same Upside Down And Backwards
Riddle 94
Your Mother's Brother's Only Brother-In-Law Is Asleep On Your Coach. Who Is Asleep On Your Couch?
Riddle 95
I Have A Face, Two Arms, And Two Hands, Yet I Can Not Move. I Count To Twelve, Yet I Can Not Speak. I Can Still Tell You Something Everyday.
Riddle 96
What Has A Neck But No Head?
Riddle 97
What Gets Wetter As It Dries?
Riddle 98
What Belongs To You But Others Use It More Than You Do?
Riddle 99
What Has To Be Broken Before You Can Eat It?
Riddle 100
What Is Black And White And Read All Over?
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