WordBrain 2

WordBrain 2

Developer: MAG Interactive

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WordBrain 2

WordBrain 2

Developer: MAG Interactive

WordBrain 2
MAG Interactive
Android, iOS
The sequel to the really popular game Wordbrain is Wordbrain 2 by MAG Interactive. There are hundreds of levels all split into different categories like TV, Music, or Travel. For each level you are given a grid of letters and need to combine all the letters to make words. We have all the answers for Wordbrain 2 below.

WordBrain 2 Answers

Word Newbie Food
Word Newbie Music
Word Trainee Human Body
Word Trainee Mammals
Word Trainee Weather
Word Trainee Party
Word Apprentice Colors
Word Apprentice In The Air
Word Apprentice Tools
Word Apprentice Beach
Word Explorer Circus
Word Explorer Games
Word Explorer Literature
Word Explorer Furniture
Word Talent Occupations
Word Talent Crime
Word Talent Movies
Word Talent Sweets and Desserts
Word Professional Vehicles
Word Professional Instruments
Word Professional Horror
Word Professional Travel
Word Specialist Space
Word Specialist Vegetables
Word Specialist Archeology
Word Specialist Forest
Word Expert In The City
Word Expert Fruit and Berries
Word Expert Dance
Word Expert 42403
Word Expert Dance
Word Expert Energy
Word Professor Birds
Word Professor Family
Word Professor Music
Word Professor Beverages
Word Chief Sports
Word Chief Shapes
Word Chief Countries
Word Chief Clothes
Word Elite Ocean
Word Elite In The Kitchen
Word Elite Human Body
Word Elite Occupations
Word Authority Food
Word Authority Skiing
Word Authority Buildings
Word Authority Crafts
Word Ace Safari
Word Ace Spices
Word Ace Insects and Bugs
Word Ace Fishing
Word Master Recycling
Word Master Shopping
Word Master Trees and Plants
Word Master Space
Word Champion Mammals
Word Champion Accessories
Word Champion Vegetables
Word Champion Coffee
Word Superstar Party
Word Superstar In The Office
Word Superstar Vehicles
Word Superstar Emotions
Word Guru Beach
Word Guru Jewelry
Word Guru Desert
Word Guru Countries
Word Legend Sweets and Desserts
Word Legend Psychology
Word Legend Entertainment
Word Legend At Home
Word Magician Makeup
Word Magician Transport
Word Magician Forest
Word Magician History
Word Wizard Weather
Word Wizard Technology
Word Wizard Business and Economics
Word Wizard Movies
Word Whizz Fashion
Word Whizz School
Word Whizz Party
Word Whizz Engineering
Word Prodigy Travel
Word Prodigy Occupations
Word Prodigy Crime
Word Prodigy Mammals
Word Brainiac Circus
Word Brainiac Biology
Word Brainiac Hobbies
Word Brainiac Textile
Word Savant Rainforest
Word Savant Literature
Word Savant Camping
Word Savant In The North
Word Virtuoso TV
Word Virtuoso Accessories
Word Virtuoso Landscape
Word Virtuoso Instruments
Word Genius Food
Word Genius Birds
Word Genius Cleaning
Word Genius In The Morning
Word Jedi Research
Word Jedi Buildings
Word Jedi Countries
Word Jedi Emotions
Word Mastermind Games
Word Mastermind Ocean
Word Mastermind Human Body
Word Mastermind Sports
Word Super Mastermind School
Word Super Mastermind In The Air
Word Super Mastermind Shopping
Word Super Mastermind In The City

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  1. Hi, I have all the word answers for all levels including the new themes navigator and savior, looking for somewhere to share them for other people, hoping you can help

    1. Hi Megan, wow, great work! It gets very hard! If you could send them to help@gamehelp.guru I will get some new pages created specifically for the new levels. I will try to do it ASAP so others can get access 🙂

      1. Hi, I’m up to WordBrain 2 word decoder Space 8×8, would you know where I could find the answers to these last levels please?
        I’m happy to send screenshots of any previous levels if you need them.

        1. Hi Eve, I haven’t played those levels yet. I hopefully can soon 🙂 If you want to send your previous level screenshots that would be a great help! help@gamehelp.guru. I will try to post Decoder Space soon. 🙂

          1. Hi, ok thanks. Re screen shots, which level shall I start from – which ones don’t you have yet? I’m up to the last section now, first part – beach I think!!

  2. Do you have the Word Almighty vegetable level? It is after the Super Mastermind. The answers I have seen on different sites don’t match my puzzle.

    1. Lv1: garlic corn lentil pumpkin bean artichoke asparagus cabbage leek
      Lv2: kohlrabi chives paprika shallot tomato turnip endive chard onion
      Lv3: cucumber cress leek celery parsnip radish asparagus lettuce ****
      Lv4: chicory mushroom cauliflower carrot horseradish chard broccoli
      Lv5: wasabi ginger squash mustard celery chard rutabaga potato peanut

      1. Hi, I’m stuck in level 4 with the cauliflower and carrot. I mean I know all the words (thanks to cheats lol) but am not managing to fit them in. Do you know where there is a video or illustration of the answer?

  3. Hi I’m up to word decoder landscape level 3 and need help. I can’t find the answers anywhere.
    It is right at the end of the levels

  4. Hi again – it’s the second last level currently available. Oh, I have made it to level 5 in word decoder Landscape and next is word decoder Space (8×8). Please, if someone has done these levels or is doing them too, could you please help by posting your results here. Or perhaps the Gamehelp Guru people could add these levels to their list!! Thanks

  5. In WordBrain 2 shopping level 1 the letters for
    Drugstore are not in the puzzle on my I phone.
    Can anyone help?

    1. Hi Cathy, I can help if you can let me know which “shopping” you are up to. I need the section title as there are a few shopping games – even the number of squares like 4×4 or 8×8

  6. My wordbrain 2 jedi buildings does not have theater in it but a “c” word. ??? Can’t go on to next level

    1. Hi Deb, if it’s Jedi buildings level 4 the last word is citadel or level 3 has the word cottage. These are the ‘c’ words that have the same amount of letters. Let me know if it’s another level in the word Jedi buildings section. Hope this helps, cheers Eve.

    1. Word Guru 5×5 Farming and Agriculture
      Answers are as follows:

      Lv1 – sheep shovel chicken orchard
      Lv2 – harvest scarecrow seed fruit
      Lv3 – farmhouse crops haystack pig
      Lv4 – livestock scythe stable wool
      Lv5 – rooster duckling farmer silo

      I hope this helps

  7. Me again! Has anyone done WordBrain 2 Cryptographer Music level 1? I have most of the words, but not the first word. I don’t want to pay for clues….Yet
    But what I’d like to know is if anyone else has done this last level. There must be someone out there someone that wants to share the answers to prove that they have done it – come on people I’m appealing to your competitive nature here. Or, based on my online searching it seems to me that I’m the only one doing this as answers stopped being posted at least 3 sections (15 levels) ago – in this instance I’d rather have the help than the glory ha ha. Seriously I’m begging you HELP me, help the WordBrain community….pretty please,I have to finish this or it will bug me FOREVER!!! Forever I tell ya!!

  8. Finished!!!!
    Are there any new levels past ‘Word Cryptographer’? I spent just over 2 weeks on the very last levels – 8×8 Positive Adjectives.
    Especially level 3!! The first word had me totally stumped for days and days, I almost gave up completely. But I didn’t, and here I am finally able to share with you all this feeling of TOTAL SATISFACTION!! Good luck everyone, use the force

  9. Almighty Biology Level 1
    I seem to have different letters, first line is:
    Hybrid is impossible to get & can’t get passed it!
    Any ideas???

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