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Gardenscapes: Level 318 Walkthrough

It is your job to restore this garden to its previous beauty! This is a combination game of building your garden and playing match 3 games. There are hundreds of levels and they range in difficulty. We have walkthroughs for the whole game though, so check them out if you need help.
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  1. mattbooth
    4 years ago

    This is definitely a tricky level and one of our most viewed Gardenscapes levels. I do find that when the water moves the blocks around, it makes it extra hard to plan the board for the next time. Initially the strategy involves just making any matches beside the water to blow the boxes up. At about 46 seconds we got the chance to move a fireworks into the water and blow a middle box. At about 1.15 we were able to get the first lemonade onto the water too and it starts going around. At 1.25 we get quite lucky with a bomb lined up. At 1.46 with 8 moves to go we get the 2nd lemonade onto the water. Really you need to have this done by 8 moves remaining. At 2.11 we blow a bomb in the middle, then in the bottom which gives us our first booster. At 2.37 we have 2 moves left and our lemonade is about to go back up! You can tell I pause for a while here!! I drop the bomb down and you can see for my last move I really have no other option than the bomb. Fortunately for the box under the lemonade, the lemonade slides off to the right!

  2. Mark
    3 years ago

    How do you have 29 moves to complete this level. I only get 18

    1. mattbooth
      3 years ago

      I think they have made a few changes to the game and reduced the level count from 29 to 18. I wish they wouldn’t do this, it makes it look like they are only interested in forcing people to pay up. 🙁

      1. Kevin
        3 years ago

        I thought the exact same thing. Recently I got an upgrade on both Gardenscapes and Homescapes. I wondered if the move count changed at that time? Once I saw videos showing how to beat a level and the number of moves they had compared to mine, I figured this is exactly what happened.

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