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Free Fire

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Free Fire

Free Fire

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Free Fire
Android, iOS
Follow our guide to help you win the battle field in the most popular battle royale on mobile for 2019.

Garena Free Fire Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 29 May, 2020

1. The Basics of Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire, also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire is a an addictive battle royale game on mobile. The game consists of up to 50 players falling from a parachute on an island in search of weapons and equipment to kill the other players. Players are free to choose their starting position, take weapons and supplies to extend battle life, similar to other games in the genre. Follow our guide below to master the island! Free Fire Screenshot 1

2. Say No to Cosmetics

Cosmetic items such as t-shirts, pants, and hats are just that: cosmetic. They really don’t matter at all. They do not give any advantage in terms of gameplay to your character. Yes, they can make your character look cool but beauty is not important in this game and your competitors won’t admire your outfit. Your enemies are there just to kill you. Since cosmetic items are sold in exchange for Diamonds, the in-game currency you can buy with real money, and do not provide any real benefits, less is more. Characters, on the other hand, are different. They do provide an advantage. There are 8 characters in Free Fire. 2 of them, Adam and Eve, are “unlocked” right from the start. However, they have no “stats” and offer no advantages. They are free to play heroes. The other characters offer many stat benefits and a leg up on the competition. You can unlock these heroes with in-game currencies, diamond (real money) or dollars.

3. Red Sights

As you play, you may notice that your sights turn red from time to time, just for a couple seconds. Well, there is a reason for that: It means there is an enemy in front of you and if you pull the trigger when the sights turn red, you hit him. This applies both to aim mode (which you activate by pressing the right mouse button) and regular mode. When your sights start to glow red, pull the trigger – it is a visual clue that you can hit the enemy. It does not guarantee that you will score, for example, a headshot, but it guarantees that you will damage your opponent. If you are having trouble shooting your enemies, watch out for this visual clue. Free Fire Screenshot 2

4. Drive Carefully

Cars are a great way to get around, and make a quick escape when under fire. You can also hide in them for extra protection. But be careful. As the game progresses cars can make you a big target once the map starts shrinking. So tread carefully. Free Fire Screenshot 3

5. You Don’t Have to Kill Everybody!

Once you hit the ground, we can almost guarantee that you will be attacked in 10 seconds maximum. Now, you can fight back and turn Free Fire into a glorious deathmatch. However, battle royale games are not about who pulls the trigger faster. They are about staying alive as long as possible and preparing for the “real” battle at end game. So, do not attack other players right after you land on the island. If you get attacked, do not fight back. At this stage, only luck determines which player will beat the other one, not skill. Your goal should be staying away from other players as long as possible and let them kill each other. Sprint to a building or hop into a vehicle and move away from the conflict. You should be collecting loot and preparing for the end game. It is possible to win Free Fire by shooting only once – you need to kill only one player to become the king of the island if you play your cards right. Looting and collecting goods for the endgame is your main goal.

Final Word

If you follow our guide, you’ll be mastering this island in no time. Now go on and be the last one standing!

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Loot and collect items
  • Use cars wisely

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