You are a golfer out to prove yourself worthy of walking the path of legends: Eagle Fantasy Golf

Eagle Fantasy Golf

by: Aiming Global
Fun free-to-play casual golf game. The game features easy controls, a comprehensive single-player story quest, team events, character development and customization through an ever expanding lineup of fantastic equipment, outfits and costumes that aren’t just for show.


Gameplay 88%

Eagle Fantasy Golf is an Anime inspired sports simulator with some magic elements mixed in for fun. It is based on a popular korean developed web golf game called “PangYa”, where you can level up your golfer stats, buy new and better equipment, use items to boost your performance and challenge lots of other golfers.  You can play a classic stroke tournament, where you’ll be against a set of opponents in a certain amount of holes, but you only see the overall performance of them after each hole. There’s Match Play, where you are against a single rival golfer, and the one that completes the hole with less hits wins a medal. After a few holes, the one with more medals wins. There’s also a challenge mode, where you must complete a given course meeting certain requirements, and a Ring Mode, holes where you must follow a certain path by making you golf ball pass giant rings scattered around the course.The gameplay is simple. In the center of the screen, you have left and right arrows, press them to move the camera to the sides. In the far left of the screen, there’s a green arrow with a blue camera icon, touch it and drag it up to zoom in on the area where the ball will land. On the bottom right part of the screen, there are several icons to plan your shot. There’s a club icon, that let’s you select which one to use for your next hit. The woods are for long distances, and the ball travels in a straight line. The iron are for close distances, and the ball reaches a high altitude before falling down. It’s usefull to overcome obstacles such as trees, and to make more accurate shots once you’re close to the green.You can also choose to hit the ball straight, or make it curve to a side using the blue icon button. And finally, you can use items, which have an effect that lasts for one shot. Once you’re ready, tap the big yellow circle, so the bar next to your character begins filling the power, tap again to set in the amount of strenght, and when the bar starts going down again, you must make a final tap when it’s on the white center of the accuracy bar. Once you do all that, you’ll perform your shot, go to your ball again to repeat the action, and keep going until you’re in the green.Once in the green, the gameplay will change to putter view, where you use a special club to make the ball roll into the hole instead of flying it over it. In this screen, you see the terrain and a guess trajectory of how the ball will travel. Here, you don’t have to worry about the accuracy tap, just move left or right according to the curve of the path the ball will follow, and then set the power of the shot. If all goes all right, you’ll chip in the ball in the hole, and move to the next one.As you play, you’re character will gain experience and level up, so you can hit with more power, accuracy, make the shots more curved, and be able to spin the ball while in the air so it has an additional travel speed when it lands. You’ll also earn points to buy new equipment in the store, like more powerful clubs, gloves that give you a little extra accuracy, and even the clothes you choose can help you reach your shots a couple of yards farther away.

Graphics 90%

Eagle Fantasy Golf features colorful 3D graphics with anime inspired models for the characters, and 2D portraits of them on the menus, dialogs and other screens. The 3D players aren’t very expressive, and actually move kinda “robotic”, but the 2D characters have many high quality drawings that really show their emotions. Specially your coach.  The fields look great in an HD tablet. The courses are pretty big and the camera transitions are smooth. It look awesome when the ball is up in the air and you can see the whole field from up there.When you hit the ball, sparkles and little explosions are shown, and it also leaves a flashy trail in its way, adding to the fantasy aspect of the game. The camera can change angles when the ball hits the ground, and you can speed up or slow down a shot.Overall the game has the look of a Nintendo Wii game, since it’s probably based on Super Swing Golf, the console version of PangYa, but not as polished animation wise.

Production Quality 93%

Eagle Fantasy Golf has simple touch gameplay that anyone can understand after playing just a short tutorial, but once you get into the tough courses and have to take into account wind speed, rain, the surface where your ball is, different terrain and other factors, you can see that this title is much more of a sports simulator than it looks.  There are many modes to play, and extra challenges in each hole to make you go back to ones you already beat, and the developers are still adding new courses and special events so you can try to beat players all voer the world. Also, the store is packed with hundreds of costumes, clothing, accesories and equipment that should take a long time to get, so there’s an extra motivation to keep you going.Just trying to finish story mode against CPU opponents or stroke play tournaments is sure to keep you busy for a while, but being able to go against players world wide gives the game huge replay value.

Value for your Money 96%

Eagle Fantasy Golf is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You won’t see any advertising, and you can earn a lot of the game currency with normal gameplay, but if you must have a certain item from the game store, you can purchase coins through in-app transactions, which seem to be set at a reasonable price.

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If you’re looking for a fun, easy to play 3D golf title that’s sure to keep you entertained for quite a while, look no further and download it now. Certainly there’s room for improvement in some areas, but overall this game is pretty enjoyable for those who can’t afford a high quality console game of the kind. Get it now for free on your mobile device, even if you’re not really into the sport, you may find yourself playing just one more hole.Pros
  • Really easy touch controls
  • Lots of courses to play in, and more are being added
  • Story Mode, extra challenges in each hole and online gameplay
  • 3D Models could be more detailed, and the animation needs some improvement too
  • Can’t be played offline

Game Help Guru Rating 90%


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