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Graveyard Keeper
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Graveyard Keeper Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

If you took Stardew Valley, replaced all the cute farm animals and farming elements with the business of death, and set the game in medieval times.. you'd get Graveyard Keeper. A funny yet shockingly challenging game that is not for the faint hearted.
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Review & Tips

1. The Basics of Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is a gorgeous game that blends the art style of Stardew Valley, the medieval theme of a game like Skyrim, with the challenge of a game like Dwarf Fortress. The game begins with you taking the role of a person hit by a car, who awakens to find himself taking care of a dilapidated medieval cemetery. Like Stardew, you have to manage time and energy levels as you clear brush, dig graves and place headstones. You can also engage in farming like activities, including beekeeping, crafting, mining for stone and metal, and engaging in social activities (such as witch burnings) with the various residents of the village. The game is open-ended with no ending, allowing you to fully immersive yourself in the world. Surprisingly the game is rather complex and challenging, with a bit of a learning curve compared to Stardew Valley. Follow our guide to make the best of your time in the uh.. graveyard. Graveyard Keeper Screenshot 1

2. Develop your Technology Tree

As you complete daily activities you’ll earn red and green points. You can use these to unlock new technology and upgrade your tools. You can also use them to increase your faith. Use all of those hard earned points to your advantage.

3. Gather Resources

Be sure to pick up and collect everything you see. Chop down trees to collect wood. Pick up stones. All of these materials and more can prove to be very useful to you. Be sure to stock up and fill chests with these materials for later usage. Graveyard Keeper Screenshot 2

4. Listen to the Villagers

Be sure to read what each villager has to say to you. Not only do they have important tips and useful information, but they can also give you quests. Also be sure to complete each quest in a timely manner instead of delaying it for another in-game day. Graveyard Keeper Screenshot 3

5. Use the Resurrection Table

In the latest DLC, you can now reanimate dead corpses to do your bidding. Once you unlock the farm, they can help you run it. Assign your daily chores to your new army of formerly dead (or technically still dead) farmhands.

Final Word

Graveyard Keeper can be a relaxing yet also deeply challenging game. Follow our guide, listen to your villagers, and you’ll be rich in no time!

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Overall Tips

  • Be sure to collect plenty of resources
  • View the technology tree to improve your farm
  • Talk to every villager
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