Happy 27th Birthday to the Nintendo Game Boy


To celebrate the birthday of Nintendo’s classic handheld, we count down the top 5 best selling games on the platform (and it’s sister handheld, the Game Boy Color).

  1. Tetris: 35 million copies of this legendary puzzle classic were sold as pack-ins, and sold separately. Way to stack. 2. Pokémon Red and Blue: Gotta catch em all! 23.64 million copies of the first incarnation of the Pokemon franchise were sold during the Game Boy’s lifespan. 3. Super Mario Land: Mario’s adventure onto the Game Boy sold 18.06 million copies!   Super Mario Land   4. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins: Mario’s second big adventure onto the Game Boy sold 11.09 million copies, just a tad shy of it’s predecessor. 5. Pokémon Yellow: 8.86 million copies sold of the iconic Pokemon game with only one version: Yellow!   The Game Boy redefined what it means to play games, and also redefined the industry. With the Nintendo NX around the corner, and smartphones all the rage.. handheld gaming is going through a big transition. Without the Game Boy, none of this would be possible. The Game Boy still reigns king, after 27 years. Happy Birthday little gaming wonder!  


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