Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies to Solve the Magical Mystery

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

by: Niantic
        Harry Potter: Wizards Unite allows you to take the magic of the Wizarding World with you wherever you go. While being a somewhat similar game to other augmented reality mobile games like Pokemon Go, Wizards Unite takes the concept and makes it even bigger with more features and complex gameplay features. Even for Potterheads this new mobile game can quickly become overwhelming, but don’t fret! We’ve put together a full featured guide that will help you explore the magical world of Harry Potter in our world, in no time.



        The premise of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a pretty simple story that ties together the fictional universe of Harry Potter, into our own world. In the game, the Wizarding World is faced with the sudden appearance of magic all over our world, aka the Muggle world. This problem threatens to expose the Wizarding World’s Statute of Secrecy, the very thing that stops us Muggles from learning about wizards and magic. To stop this, the Ministry of Magic has put together a task force formed of witches and wizards who are tasked with finding the elements of magic and putting an end to them. This of course means as a player, you are one of these task force members. It’s a story that fits well over the reskin of Pokemon Go.Harry Putter: Wizards Unite Screenshot 1  

Create Your Profile

        One of the first things you do when powering up the game is to create your profile. You’ll create a fun profile image that will represent you, which differs from the default avatars you’d find in Pokemon Go.        Next you choose your name, title, Hogwarts House, type of wand, and even your profession. Your wizard profession will be a pretty important choice going forward. There are also many different types of wand details to change, which is a neat surprise for those truly dedicated Potter fans.        At the end you’ll have the ability to connect with friends who might play the game, or even invite others to play.


        The main screen of Wizards Unite is very familiar to those who have played Pokemon Go. As you walk around the real world you’ll see various buildings and virtual items that you can touch and interact with. The core gameplay are assignments. You’ll do various assignments over 24 hours each day, or ones that you can complete over many days. The goal is gain XP, spell energy, and special items. You complete assignments by interacting with those aforementioned buildings and objects.Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Screenshot 2          Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses make up the virtual buildings you will see inhabiting real world locations in our realm. You use Inns to gain spell energy. Greenhouses will provide you with potion ingredients. Fortresses make up the largest fun element of the game, allowing you to gain XP by battling creatures alone or with friends. You fight by tapping and holding your wand, and tracing the spell of attack.        You’ll also find various objects in the game world that will help you on your journey. Including potions.

Professions & AR

        At level 6 you’ll unlock professions. These allow you to advance and expand your character using a classic RPG style Skill Tree. You can find this menu inside your Suitcase, and it will allow you to use earned scrolls to upgrade skills such as stamina, power, and precision.Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Screenshot 3          The game uses AR in more fun ways than Pokemon Go by allowing you to see portals and other magical elements in the real world, but in the end they do not provide much extra gameplay function.

Final Tips

        To succeed at Wizards Unite you should focus on training by battling at the Fortresses and furthering your character through the skill tree. It might also help to team up with friends or local players to have that extra support in battle. Be safe out there, and have fun!

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Overall Tips

  • Use fortresses to battle and earn XP
  • Use your suitcase to access the different menus
  • Upgrade your character’s profession using the skill tree


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