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Happy Pop - Kawaii Jump

by: Platonic Games
Endless Jumper
Check out the cute sweet Miimo friends on this new kawaii adventure! Happy Hop is an original endless hopper, very easy to play but hard to master :3


Gameplay 68%

In Happy Hop you take control over a “Miimo”, a cute pet like creature that jumps leaving a rainbow trail. Over your miimo, there will always be platforms left or right, just tap on a side of the screen to hop over the platform you want.   In the bottom part of the screen, there’s a health bar that’s gradually decreasing, and if it gets depleted completely, you lose. You have to collect the hearts in the level to get more health points. The platforms can be solid, in which you can stay for as long as you want (before the health bar gets to zero), they may be clouds, which make you fall through and you fail the level. There are platforms with spikes that you have to avoid, and also cracked platforms that can only sustain you for a second before breaking, making you fall down. You also collect stars in the levels, that you can use to purchase other miimos. You can also unlock new characters by compelting achievements, like 100 jumps in one play, or 200 jumps using a certain character.

Graphics 82%

Happy Hop features a 2D hand-drawn visual style. Everything looks round and cute, like a coloring book for children, with nice use of light gradient color in characters and backgrounds.   The miimos animation doesn’t change much, and their overall style looks mostly the same, but there are 70 of them with different animal based costumes, and the backgrounds change depending on which miimo you’re controlling, so it’s always fun to choose and play with a new one. Some levels have rain, snow, or are dark and you only see light surrounding the miimo; all stages share the same design for the overall layout, just cloud and solid platforms with a few traps, hearts and stars, but the different backgrounds give a wolcomed variety to the game.

Production Quality 81%

There are many endless jumpers available for mobile users, andmost of them have the same infinite levels where you just try to beat your previous record. While Happy Hop has the same gameplay formula, it has achievements, lots of unlockable characters and stages, and a unique and stunning cute kawaii graphic style.   Another addition, is the way you win a new miimo. When you reach a certain height, you get to hit a piñata, that may have stars or new characters. Is a fun way to expand your selectable adorable jumpin’ friends. And for retro gamers, there’s even a pixel art stage. The voice work is well done, and the music sounds lovely and catchy. It’s also worth mentioning that the game is available in Spanish.

Value for your Money 94%

Happy Hop Kawaii Jump is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You won’t see any advertising, as the developers earns money by selling star packages in the game store. With normal gameplay, it shouldn’t take too long to unlock all, if you’re always getting a bunch of stars per play; but if you must have all miim0s right now, you may consider purchasing them with real money.

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Happy Hop is a good choice if you enjoy endless jumpers and like the sweet round cute pet style. Gameplay wise it doesn’t offer more than other similar titles, but there are many miimos to use and stages to play in, so you may try this game more than a couple of minutes. Give it a try, you may end up trying to get at least a dozen miimos. Kawaii desu ne ~~ ?(o*???)? Pros
  • Nice colorful and lovely graphics –=??((( ?`•?•´)?
  • Dozens of characters and stages to unlock
  • The gameplay itself doesn’t add much to the genre

App Help Guru Rating 79%

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