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High School Story
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High School Story: Walkthroughs

This is a pretty addictive game with heaps of gameplay. You get to relive high school and choose heaps of customisations. You can play as a nerd, a jock, or other player types. You get to go to parties, make friends, go on dates, go to the science fair, and play a bunch of mini games. Heaps to do and hours of gameplay. If you like these sim type games then give it a go.
Walkthroughs (161)
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Part 1
Just Starting My Brand New School
Part 2
Did I Waste Over $400 On This Game?!?!
Part 3
The First Party, The Last Minute Birthday
Part 4
The Party Girl, Homecoming
Part 5
The Iron Warrior, Anger Management, Bring The Cheer
Part 6
Double Trouble, The Closet, Ask Payton Again
Part 7
You're All That, Your Voice, The Hedgehog
Part 8
Hope's Story 1, 2, 3
Part 9
The Hedgehog, The Beckett List
Part 10
The Prom Throne, Fantasy Photo Booth, Red Carpet Getaway
Part 11
Choices, Love And The City,  It Takes Two
Part 12
Love And The City
Part 13
Breaking Routine
Part 14
Say It Again, Shane
Part 15
That's Rich
Part 16
Party Animals
Part 17
Shy Of The Beholder
Part 18
Model Students
Part 19
Masks And Mascots
Part 20
Game On!
Part 21
The Write Way, Mission Nerdpossible
Part 22
Frightmare The Thirteenth, Who's That Girl?
Part 23
Here To Cheer
Part 24
The Clique Closet, Step Up 2 Dance
Part 25
The Art Of Heart
Part 26
Ski Trip
Part 27
Portrait Of An Artist
Part 28
The Audition
Part 29
Mission Nerdpossible
Part 30
Santa's Helper
Part 31
Dungeons Dorkness
Part 32
Meow We're Talking
Part 33
School Overnight
Part 34
The Making Of
Part 35
The Mystery
Part 36
The Mean Girl
Part 37
The Show Must Go On
Part 38
Meow We're Talking Finished, The Making Of Finished
Part 39
Official School Shirt
Part 40
Home Field
Part 41
Drama King
Part 42
Weekly Goals
Part 43
Lights, Camera, Action
Part 44
Slumber Party
Part 45
Blooper Reel
Part 46
Along For The Ride
Part 47
Hollywood U
Part 48
Ready To Rock
Part 49
Banding Together
Part 50
Battle Of The Bands
Part 51
Music Festival
Part 52
Management Crisis
Part 53
The Album
Part 54
The Debutante Debacle
Part 55
The Other You
Part 56
V Is For Victory
Part 57
How It Could Be
Part 58
Channel Name Change [Savagelordbarlow]
Part 59
Bromantic Comedy Pt.1
Part 60
Bromantic Comedy Pt.2
Part 61
Extra Credit
Part 62
Banding Together
Part 63
In Step, Logan Paul Joined My High School
Part 64
The Triple Tiara
Part 65
Part 65
Part 66
This Means War
Part 67
Logan Paul Paid For My New School
Part 68
Summer Job Hijinks
Part 69
Atonement Tour
Part 70
Gift Exchange
Part 71
Halftime Heroes
Part 72
Feel The Glee
Part 73
Once More With Feeling
Part 74
Deleted Three Quests
Part 75
The Final Challenge
Part 76
The Wild Wes
Part 77
The Gamer Girl
Part 78
Heist School Story
Part 79
The Showdown
Part 80
Surprise Date Night
Part 81
The Look
Part 82
Life Is A Beach
Part 83
Paris Fashion Week
Part 84
Truth Or Dare
Part 85
Great Eggspectations
Part 86
Know Your Friends
Part 87
Nishan's Fanfiction
Part 88
Ultimate Beach Party
Part 89
Your Date
Part 90
Your Date: What If?
Part 91
Couples Challenge
Part 92
The Great Escape
Part 93
Murder Mystery
Part 94
Family Tree
Part 95
Part 96
Part 97
The Guitar Job
Part 98
Funny Business
Part 99
Skate Of Emergency
Part 100
Secret Santas
Part 101
The Country Girl
Part 102
Movie Madness
Part 103
Part 104
New Year's Kiss
Part 105
Happy New Year
Part 106
Sleigh Ride
Part 107
Game Of Life
Part 108
Our Anthem
Part 109
Into The Woods
Part 110
Survival Of The Fittest
Part 111
Superball Party
Part 112
Just Dance-A-Thon
Part 113
Snow Day
Part 114
Playing Cupid
Part 115
Valentine's Day
Part 116
Luxury Lake House
Part 117
Kimi's Sweet Sixteen
Part 118
The Dolphin Room
Part 119
Part 120
Part 121
The Rule Of Cool
Part 122
The Nova Theater
Part 123
Zero Hour
Part 124
School Carnival
Part 125
Nishan's Fanfiction 2.0
Part 126
Happily Ever After
Part 127
The Water War
Part 128
The Entourage
Part 129
Person Of The Year
Part 130
Special Valentine's
Part 131
Oh Captain, My Captain
Part 132
Crushing Blue
Part 133
Rhymes And Reason
Part 134
The Morgan Trail
Part 135
The Royal Treatment
Part 136
Finding Emo
Part 137
Elf Undercover
Part 138
Grillin' 'N' Chillin'
Part 139
Hail To The Chief
Part 140
Catch Them All
Part 141
Part 142
Dude, Where's My Card
Part 143
Promising Beginnings
Part 144
Team Earth
Part 145
Stake Out
Part 146
Part 147
Soul Song
Part 148
All That Jazz
Part 149
Horsing Around
Part 150
New Heights
Part 151
Gift Exchange
Part 152
Gotta Scout Them All
Part 153
My School Story
Part 154
The Not-So Party Girl
Part 155
The Contender
Part 156
Heating Up
Part 157
Election Day
Part 158
Power Play
Part 159
Raising The Stakes
Part 160
No Good Deed
Part 161
True Colors
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