Hop into a classic Game Boy inspired metroidvania adventure: Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

by: Adventure Islands
Help little treasure hunter Timmy! Explore a huge dungeon, collect hidden power-ups and gain new skills to aid you on your quest! Can Timmy survive the tiny dangerous dungeons, and find the presumably huge treasure?


Gameplay 94%

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a sidescroller platformer adventure game based on classic monochromatic GameBoy titles. Your objective is to explore rooms, get keys, avoid enemies and collect items until you find the dungeon treasure.   In the bottom left part of the screen you have arrows to walk to the sides, and on the right side there’s a button to jump. If you tap on it, the character “Timmy” will perform a short jump, and if you keep pressing it, he will jump higher. You also use this button to enter doors. As you advance, you’ll get to open a treasure chest that will give you the ability to throw knives, and you’ll get that button next to the jump. You will find enemies like toads, frogs, bats and statues that shoot arrows; and besides monsters, there are also envirormental hazards like water and lava pits, spikes on the ceilings and floor and other dungeon traps. You start out with 3 hearts that work as a life bar, if you get hit, you lose one. If you fall into a pit, you’ll lose one heart and go back to the latest door you opened. You can find 2 other heart containers in treasure chests. To save your game, there are statues where you pray, and they also regain your health. Like it’s usual in the “metroidvania” genre, you go to one area of the map to another, get an item that gives you a new ability, and then you can go back to a previous place, where that new ability gets you access to a new room or let’s you reach a treasure chest that gives you an item or something that let’s you continue your quest.

Graphics 89%

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons has the style of the first Nintendo GameBoy, that used only 4 shades for graphics. White, clear gray, dark gray and black. Of course, the screen had a green tint, so you see the game presented that way.   For an 8-bit visual style , it looks pretty detailed, and you can easily distinguish between the brick wall backgrounds with torches and the platforms that you can jump on to. The characters have just a few frames of animation, but move around smoothly and have a certain bounciness that makes them seem more lively. You can also notice how the frogs and bats change expression when you hit them; and Timmy even has a different animation if he drowns on water or lava or dies by touching a monster. This particular style is sure to bring nostalgia to old school players that enjoyed pocket gaming in the 90’s.

Production Quality 92%

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons has everything you’d expect from a real early 90’s 8-bit mobile platformer, except for the controls you can actually feel. The only real drawback of the game is that since you can’t feel if you’re really pressing the buttons, sometimes you’ll miss in the hard platforming areas; maybe the buttons should’ve been a little bigger or have wider touch sensitive area.   The dungeon to explore is not small at all, with the enemies and platforms placed in the right places to make your adventure quite a challenging ordeal. You can find a map, hearts, keys for locked doors, boots to be able to walk on water and stomp on enemies, throwing knifes, and trap doors that you open by activating switches. The chiptune music is catchy and resembles GameBoy titles, wiht the sound effects also inspired by classic gaming. While you start out in a simple platformer and doesn’t seem to be much to do here, once you start getting abilities and going deep into the dungeon, this becomes a very enjoyable sidecrolling experience.

Value for your Money 93%

You can download the iOS version of Tiny Dangerous Dungeons for 99 cents on the Apple App Store, and it’s totally worth it. The Google Play version is free, but sometimes it’ll show video-ads that you can skip after 5 seconds when you save or enter a door, and that can become tiresome if you’re going back and forth a lot.

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Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a great throwback to Metroid, Mario and other sidescoller platform adventure on the GameBoy. If you enjoyed that kind of games back in the day, definetely check this one out. If you’re into something more casual, and only enjoy “modern” gaming, maybe this title isn’t meant for you, but consider downloading the free version to try for a while, you may end up exploring the whole dungeon. Pros
  • Great Retro style Graphics and Music
  • A huge map to explored filled with treasures and monsters
  • Ads in the Android version may show up a little to often
  • The green 4 shades visual style may not appeal to everyone

App Help Guru Rating 94%


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