If the classic Atari BreakOut was made today, this would be the result: Smashy Brick

Smashy Brick

by: Bulldozer Games
Smashy Brick is a brick breaking game where you draw trampolines to bounce “smashies” at brick-formations. Help Flamey and his friends destroy the galaxy, brick by brick!


Gameplay 86%

Smashy Brick is an Arcade style game based on BreakOut, Arkanoid and similar titles. You have a round character called “Smashey” in the screen, and you draw a trampoline under it to launch it to the bricks above. smashy-brick-screenshot-1   A dotted line in the center of the screen is the limit of where you can draw the trampoline, and you can only draw the number of trampolines shown in the counter in the bottom part of the screen. You must break all the bricks before you run out of trampolines to draw. The smashey can bounce around on the sides of the screen, and there are different types you can use while playing. Like a explosive one, one that shoots bullets when you tap on the screen, a fire one that can melt ice blocks, a balloon fish that gets big once it bounces and can destroy los of bricks and so on. In the levels you collect golden coins that you can use to unlock more smasheys. You trade 75 coins to play a ‘pachinko’ game, where you drop a ball on top of an obstacle course, and the smashey to unlock is on a moving platform in the bottom. If your ball lands there, you can select the smashey to play, if not, you can try again by paying 75 coins one more time. The smasheys have a “Heart Level”, that determines their power. The Pineapple Smashey can shoot 3 bullets when you tap on the screen at max level, but only a single shot when it has one heart. When you lose a level, you also lose one heart, and if you fail 3 times in a row with the same smashey, you won’t be able to use it in a while. You get a star rating depeding on how fast and how many trampolines you used to beat a level. In order to unlock later levels, you need to get a certain amount of stars, so you may have to replay past levels.

Graphics 86%

Smashy Brick features low polygon graphics, but it doesn’t look “blocky” like many Minecraft inspired games nowadays. You can see that the models are made up of triangles surfaces and each face on the characters has different shading. It’s like a retro 3D look, but looks smoother than mid-90’s 32-bit videogames. smashy-brick-screenshot-2   The smasheys are animated, and while some of them have special actions and move accordingly, others have a default motion, like bombey that moves its feet like walking all the time. It’s fun to watch the shooting, fire, explosions and shock special effects. They look bright and fluid in motion. An interesting note, is that the bricks break out into tiny cubes, that get smaller as time passes, instead of disappearing with a fade effect (what you see in most games) and you’ll notice that the laser trampoline also gives out squares when the smashey bounces on it. It definetely fits the old school mixed with modern style the game goes for. The backgrounds have a painting look, but also showing flat surfaces in the same style of the 3D models, and you can see a few added effects like smoke on the volcano stage, or shiny dots that look like fireflies in the forest level.

Production Quality 91%

Smashy Brick has 90 levels that take place in different settings, and you have 13 characters (or smasheys) to choose from, each one with a unique look and ability. smashy-brick-screenshot-3   The gameplay is very easy to learn, but the layout of the levels will make things challenging enough for any player by stage 10. The way you collect coins to unlock more smasheys is pretty entertaining and an original twist on the rotating a roulette or just getting some random item, methods that most games use nowadays. There are achievements like ‘winning the level with your very last bounce’, or ‘breaking 10 bricks with just one bounce’, and they do add to the experience, since this special requirements are fun to try out, and you may want to get the coin reward you earn when you pull out one of these little challenges. The music is relaxing and helps to set the mood for playing, and it’s also worth mentioning that every smashey has a particular voice, and it reacts with your actions saying things like “Oh yeah” or “Uhmmm nope”

Value for your Money 89%

Smashy Brick is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You won’t see advertising unless you chose to watch a video ad to get coins after you beat a level, and while you can unlock every character by playing, you’ll have to be very lucky to get them fast, so you can just buy them for a dollar each. It would’ve been nice to buy character packages, like 3 for $1.99 or 4 for $2.50.

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Smashy Brick is an evolution of the BreakOut style games. It’s build from the ground up for mobile devices, so the controls are quick to learn and after learning what every smashey does, you’ll be planning your strategy and having a good time in every level. While it may take a while to unlock them all, the pachinko stages to get new characters are actually quite entertaining, so you may try again and again as long as you have enough coins. Casual players and retro gamers that enjoyed Arkanoid back in the day, check it out. Pros
  • Easy to learn controls but challenging levels
  • 90 levels to play and 13 unique characters to unlock
  • Each character has a unique look, ability, animation and voice, they have a lot of “personality”
  • The price of each smashey is a little expensive

Game Help Guru Rating 86%


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