How to Install Steam on Any Flavor of Ubuntu


Open Source + Free OS + Games on Steam = Epic.

  With Ubuntu being the most widely-used Linux distro, and the new high-end Ubuntu-installed laptops hitting the market by Dell, there is a growing number of gamers making the switch to open source. Steam allows said gamers to select from a massive growing library of AAA-quality games that can now run on Linux. But how do you get Steam on Ubuntu? We’ll show you how.     There are MANY different variants of Ubuntu out there. The majority of them, regardless of interface, function the same. If you have a Software Center, you might be able to find Steam easily.   Just open the Software Center program, and search for Steam. If you can’t find it, you’ll need to do it via the good ole’ command line.   Open your command line/terminal. First, every user should always make sure their packages and repositories are up to date before installing new software. Enter: sudo apt-get update   Once the update process is complete, now you will install Steam. Enter: sudo add-apt-repository multiverse   Follow that with this: sudo apt-get install steam   And that’s it. After the install process is complete, you will have a fresh install of Steam on your Ubuntu PC. Any games you install will need to be compatible with your PC hardware, just like with your typical Windows install.   If you need any further help, comment below! Happy gaming.  


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