Just Numbers and Colors – New Match-3 Puzzle with a unique twist: LOLO


by: 101 Digital
LOLO is an addictive number puzzle game with a simple design and unique gameplay. Nothing is complicated, There are only numbers and colors. Simple is beautiful, isn’t it?


Gameplay 91%

LOLO is a very addictive puzzle game based around combining 3 or more spaces, but it works much different than your average match-3 puzzle. You have a grid with colored squares, and when neighbor squares share the same color, they create a single figure. Just touch a given color figure that takes 3 or more spaces, and they will mesh in a single space, with a number showing the value of the combined spaces.   When you combine squares, more will fall from above, so you can continue making combinations. The objective of the game is to combine color figures until you get one dark blue figure with a 50 value, which can only be combined with other 50 figures. When you do so, the dark blue figures disappear, and the after the first time it happens, you could get new 50 value squares into the grid falling down from above. The main mode, is an endless puzzle about getting the highest score possible, and breaking your own record. When you can’t do any combinations, you lose the game and have to start over. Depending on your score, you get Stars that you can use to buy power ups or unlock new game modes, like Level Mode. In the Levels, your objective is to get a colored square of a certain value. In the top right corner you’ll see what you must accomplish, like getting a 30 red square, or a 20 yellow one. Once you get one of the square objectives, it will disappear and you’ll keep playing until you meet the level requirements or run out of moves. In Level Mode, you don’t lose when there’s no possible combination to be made, the squares get re-arranged in the grid. Power Ups include a thunder that can destroy any square in the grid, a magnet that joins all squares of a single color, or a +3 icon which gives you 3 extra turns. When you beat a level, you earn stars and go to the level select to keep playing.

Graphics 68%

LOLO features simple 2D graphics over a white background. You only see squares and the figures they make, and the number showing their value. And with only 4 colors, the design of the game is overly simplistic.   When you combine figures into a square, the animation is fast and smooth, but there aren’t any fancy special effects or anything to make this a memorable visual experience. The aesthetic is what you’d expect from a puzzle like this one, but other similar game have characters talking to you, or change the background from time to time. At least it would’ve been nice to see some color gradients here and there. The overall look of the game is not really something to complain about, but at least the power ups could’ve shown something interesting, like an actual thunder destroying a square you don’t want in the grid. As it is now, it’s just unexciting.

Production Quality 88%

Lolo has a unique and pretty addictive game mechanic, and just in endless mode it’s sure to keep puzzle fans busy; but once you get into the levels, you’ll be playing for hours trying to beat its hundreds of levels.   The game has many modes to unlock, and it may take a while to get them all, specially if you use power ups often, but it never really becomes frustrating, as you can say “I should’t have made that combination” and try again, this time knowing what to do. There’s night mode that changes graphics to a dark scheme, and leaderboards. When you lose endless mode, you can read a text that says “You’re better than 50% of LOLO players” or something like that depending on your performance. The music is not very enjoyable, and you’ll probably turn it off, but the sound effects are well done and fit the game just right. Finally, the game is translated to many languages, so people from many different countries are able to get the full experience.

Value for your Money 86%

LOLO is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You will see video advertising after almost every level, which can become annoying if you lose (or win) quickly. There’s also a banner always being shown on top of the screen, but that one is hardly noticeable while playing. Good thing you can play endless mode offline so you don’t see ads.

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LOLO is a great puzzle game that plays quite different than your usual match-3. Graphics could improve, and the music could have been much better, but the gameplay is just perfect, for casuals wanting to play something quick and original, and veteran users looking for a new challenge. Check it out now, it’s sure to keep you busy for hours. And best of all, it’s free. Pros
  • Simple, challenging original gameplay
  • Hundreds of levels that will keep you entertained for hours
  • You’ll probably turn off the music
  • Graphics are way too simple

Game Help Guru Rating 85%


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