Knights of Pen & Paper

Knights of Pen & Paper

Developer: Knights of Pen & Paper

Knights of Pen & Paper

Knights of Pen & Paper

Developer: Paradox Interactive

Knights of Pen & Paper
Paradox Interactive
iOS, Android
Knights of Pen & Paper is a turn-based RPG that may look like one game on the surface, but is actually something else underneath. The game itself exists in the imaginations of a group of Dungeons & Dragons-style role-playing game players, taking this fun RPG to the next level.

Knights of Pen & Paper Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 1 Feb, 2020

1. Starting a new game in Knights of Pen and Paper

When you choose to start a new game within the main menu of Knights of Pen and Paper, you are required to choose from a few characters and classes to start your adventure. To start you will need to choose 2 new characters. If you have enough gold, you may buy a few more characters as well, it’s really up to you. You may only have 5 characters at one time. Knights of Pen and Paper Screenshot 1

2. An Introduction to Characters and Classes

In Knights of Pen and Paper, characters are related to the person playing the RPG. Remember, you are immersing yourself in that mindset. It’s more like the person you invite to play with you and will be sat on the table. Each character has one different ability that will help you to start the game. The character is the first option (the player ability is the first square at the left) and you may change them by clicking the left/right arrows. After choosing a character you will focus on picking classes. Classes are related to the role that character will have in your adventure. It’s more like a “job” with specific spells. Each class has four different spells that will help you through your adventure. Once you level up, you’ll choose which spell to raise. The class is the second option (the class ability are the other four squares) and you may change them by clicking the left/right arrows.

3. Blacksmith and Items

The blacksmith in Knights of Pen and Paper is available only on certain maps. It works in a specific condition, once you give him Grindstones, he’ll earn more and more XP (experience points). While he earns XP he will raise his level and raise his Success Rate. Knights of Pen and Paper Screenshot 2 You may choose if the blacksmith is going to upgrade your armor or weapon. The higher the level of the items, the higher the cost to upgrade. The higher the Blacksmith level, the more upgrades that will be available. If the blacksmith fails to craft your item, your gold is lost. As for items, they are upgrades that are found by finishing quests or after battles. They can also be bought at the Enchanter store. There’s a limit of 20 items that you may carry, so be warned not to fill up your inventory.

4. Maps

There are currently two kinds of maps in Knights of Pen and Paper. The first one is related to the world and has lots of places to go. The second one is related to the dungeon and there are a few different maps but they work in the same way, you move and discover what happens in that point. After finding the key, you may proceed to the boss and then you may go back to the world map. Knights of Pen and Paper Screenshot 3

5. How to Conquer the Game

Knights of Pen and Paper is also about replaying and trying out different character and class options. With choices like warrior, paladin, and healer, you have many different playing style options. Warrior is by far the most solid class, but it’s not for everyone. You might prefer using the magic of a healer. If you fail, replay and try different characters to find the best fit for you.

Final Word

If you follow our guide you’ll be a master of Knights of Pen and Paper in no time. Enjoy the journey adventurer!

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Overall Tips

  • Try different classes and characters
  • Upgrade weapons at the Blacksmith

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