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  Know Your Handheld   KnowYourHandheld is a website, which delivers information and news on all the smart gadgets of present time, including reviews and comparisons. This site focuses on simplicity in their delivered information so that anyone can easily understand the present technology and its usage. KnowYourHandheld, also keeps the viewers updated with the latest and upcoming software and their updates. Viewers are the foremost priority of this website and therefore it offers user guide of the latest smartphones, where it supplies every possible answers related to each gadget one may need to know. No matter how easy or known question it is, KnowYourHandheld treats each of them with equal attention. KnowYourHandheld is an ideal site for viewers of every age. To make more simple and appealing it has distributed the site in separate segments so that one can easily find out what they want. This is a site which covers vast area of recent technology, which includes – Phones, Tablets, eBook Reader, SmartWatch, Portable Gaming Console, Gaming Controllers, Wearable Devices, Smart Cameras, iPod, Streaming Devices, Chromebook, Android TV and VR headset. With these huge offerings one more thing this website always maintains and that is the authenticity and consistency with the content.  


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