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Little Riddles: Level 558; Mom And Dad Have Four Daughters, And Each Daughter Has One Brother. How Many People Are In The Family Answer

Little Riddles is a great little riddle game from Juxta Labs. Most riddle games come with a few hundred levels, but this one comes with over 600! The one downside is that the interface is probably not as nice as those in riddle games made by better developers such as Apprope. But, if you want alot of fresh content, then this is for you! We have every answer here on Game Help Guru too.
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  1. Sydney
    5 years ago

    Some one please help me.. Iím thinking like 10 because 4 daughters plus 4 sons is 8 plus mom and dad is 10???

    1. Facepalm
      5 years ago

      Only one son. If there were 4 sons, each daughter would have 4 brothers. Each daughter has 1 brother. That 1 person is the same person. So 2 parents + 4 daughters + 1 son = 7.

    2. Jasmine
      5 years ago

      I’m thinking the exact same thing.

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