Madden NFL Mobile: Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Madden NFL Mobile

by: EA
        Madden NFL Mobile is the latest mobile entry in the long running football franchise from EA Sports. Follow our guide to master your skills and become the ultimate Madden champion.


1. Madden NFL Mobile Basics

        Madden NFL Mobile continues the long running Madden franchise with it’s latest mobile entry. The game allows you to be the manager of any of the leagues 32 teams, made up of present day stars and legends from the past. The game also features many different gameplay modes including the ability to compete against human opponents in the arena, assist other players through co-op, or have fun earning rewards in various single player mission options.Madden  

2. Console vs Mobile

        If you’ve played any version of Madden Mobile on your phone or tablet in the past, you’ll notice the gameplay is very similar to previous entries. Console players will notice some features lacking, you’re not going to be able to sim a full season with completely accurate rosters and play out a full season the way you would on console. But for the perfect football on the go game, Madden is the right fit. The graphics have also improved every year.Madden Screenshot 2  

3. Follow the Tutorial

        To learn the game the best, you’ll need to follow the in-game tutorial. Even if you are a returning player the tutorial is a useful tool. Console players will immediately notice that the mobile version of Madden Football focuses on challenges. This means you’ll have to practice and perfect the skills to pass the football, run for first down, and many other special skill techniques. At the end of the day your choice of team is purely cosmetic. No matter the team you pick you will be presented with random mid-level players, and no team has one advantage over the other.

Madden Screenshot 3  

4. Keep Playing All Season Long

        It’s important to keep playing all season long to keep updating your roster, and level up your players. The more time you play and the more challenges you complete in multiplayer or single-player, the stronger your team will become. Under the My Team section you can also train your players and improve their skills individually. You can also analyze your players side by side to see their strengths and weaknesses, and where you might need to do some substitutions.Madden Screenshot 4  

5. Overdrive and Daily Events

        Most of the game you’ll find yourself completing overdrive missions. The goal is to score the most Fantasy Points by completing the objectives, while also outscoring your opponent. You also have to beware of losing points if your pass is intercepted, or other penalizing events happen during the round. You’ll also earn Fans by winning overdrive missions, and lose them if you lose the round. Earning enough Fans allows you to move on to the next league. Finally, daily events allow you to earn tokens to unlock new rewards. Be sure to check daily for these limited time events to get your tokens!        There are many ways to succeed in Madden NFL Mobile. But if you keep improving your team, training your players, and maxing out your points in Overdrive.. you’ll be the champion of Madden NFL Football in no time.

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