Mafia City: Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide to Rule the City

Mafia City

by: Yotta Games
        Mafia City is the best mobster themed RPG on the Google Play and iOS Stores. Growing and expanding a thriving criminal empire has never been this much fun. Follow our guide below to get a leg up on your fellow mobster competitors.


1. Mafia City Basics

        Mafia City begins with an extensive tutorial that helps you get familar with the different elements of the game. By the end of it, you’ll know about upgrading your buildings, improving your character, attacking, and more. The core concept of the game is to check out your daily quests, upgrade your buildings to improve revenue, train your troops (mafia soldiers), and attack your enemies.Mafia  

2. Learn the Different Locations

        Mafia City has many different buildings in the game that represent different gameplay functions. Here are some of the most important buildings, and what they represent in the game.

  • Mansion: The mansion is the main building in the game, and is your base of operations. Upgrade it frequently to increase your various stats.
  • Hospital: The hospital is where your troops go when they are injured and need to be healed.
  • Club: Use and upgrade the club to improve your troops speed.
  • Diner: Upgrade the diner to increase your troops maximum crime capacity.
  • Pawnbroker: The pawn shop is where you can exchange equipment.
  • Black Market: Check it everyday for the best new offers on various weapons and goods.
  • Ammu-Nation: The place where you can store and buy new weapons.
Mafia City Screenshot 2  

3. Improve your Skills

        There are three key skills you need to choose from to invest your skill points into. Cash, Cargo, and Arms. Invest into each one depending on your favorite play style, and what elements of the game you need to improve as you move deeper into the game.

Mafia City Screenshot 3  

4. The Mafia City Babes

        Located in your mansion, the “babes” section gives you about five different girls you can earn respect from, which in turn gives you their favor. Max out each of their favor to earn new skills and upgrades. Each girl or babe represents a different skill or favor they can grant you.Mafia City Screenshot 4  

5. Overall Tips

        Use the following overall gameplay tips below to turn your criminal gang into a giant criminal enterprise!

  • Focus on upgrades
  • Invest in different skills
  • Train your troops
  • Heal your troops after battle
  • Collect daily rewards
        There are many ways to succeed in Mafia City. But if you keep improving your buildings, training your troops, and maxing out your empire.. you’ll be the godfather of Mafia City in no time.

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