Magic Blast - Cube Puzzle Game (1000700): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Magic Blast - Cube Puzzle Game
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Magic Blast - Cube Puzzle Game: Q&A

Magic Blast, tap 2 or more magic cubes, solve puzzles, blast cubes. There was an accident, and the witch stole his jewels while the gopher was asleep. The witch tried to use witchcraft to prevent the gopher from finding the magic gem. Will you use your hands with magic props to help the gopher find his gem? Raise your finger, simple tap the screen, with the most fascinating puzzles. Burst cubes and create powerful combos to solve puzzles then pass levels. Solve puzzles with gopher's help of boosters and create your gem legend. HIGHLIGHTS IN MAGIC BLAST Easy and wonderful game that anyone can play it. Well-designed levels, dozens of entertaining obstacles make the game more challenging. Puzzles solving is fun and also can train your brain. Pass level and collect stars you can get more free gifts. You can enjoy cubes crushing game anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a mobile phone. Eye-catching interfacial design and stunning graphics. Spectacular elimination effects of magic boosters: rocket, bomb and colorful butterfly. Spellbinding gameplay and cute character gopher who can dig diamond to get gift for you. HOW TO PLAY - Tap 2 neighboring magic cubes with same color to crush them. - Tap 5 more magic cubes to make special rocket that can smash a column or a row of squares. - Tap 7 more magic cubes to make special bomb, the purpose of bomb is to burst the large area squares. - Tap 11 more magic cubes to make special butterfly that can blast all same color cubes. - Boost power-ups to help you pass level when you get into tricky levels. Magic Blast is free to download, and free to play, so why don’t you give it a try today!
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