Mahjong Magic Lands: Fairy King
Mahjong Magic Lands: Fairy King's Quest
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Mahjong Magic Lands: Fairy King's Quest: Q&A

The fairy world is in trouble! As the Fairy King, you must embark on a quest to find a mysterious hidden artifact which has the power to restore peace and harmony to the land. Match tiles & solve mahjong puzzles as you journey through beautiful lands on your quest. Only the bravest can succeed! A RELAXING, CASUAL MAHJONG GAME Our standard and expert levels have been designed so that they are always solvable. Match tiles and enjoy our mahjong solitaire game without worrying that you’re in an unsolvable situation. If you get stuck, hints are available to give you a helping hand! COLLECT & CRAFT VALUABLE TREASURE Discover special crafting tiles as you play our free mahjong game. Collect all the tiles of the same item and you can craft that piece of treasure. Sell your crafted treasure for thousands of coins to help you on your mahjong quest! --------------------------------------- MAHJONG – HIGHLIGHTS --------------------------------------- ⦁ Classic mahjong tile matching mechanics with a fairytale twist ⦁ Complete daily tasks to increase your task multiplier and get more free coins ⦁ Easy to understand gameplay and helpful hint system ⦁ Embark on a mahjong adventure through 320 challenging levels ⦁ 640 additional bonus levels ⦁ 160 beautiful pieces of mahjong artwork to collect ⦁ Free daily rewards for active players ⦁ Each level uses its own unique tile sets ⦁ Replay each level as many times as you like ⦁ Earn coins to unlock more mahjong boards ⦁ Fill coin globes up to earn free coins ⦁ Play offline – no wifi needed! PLAY MAHJONG SOLITAIRE OFFLINE, FOR FREE! Enjoy our free mahjong game with or without wifi. Take mahjong with you wherever you go – on the plane, in the car or even on the beach! FUN DAILY TASKS & REWARDS! Fairies love giving out free coins! Every day the fairies will give you new tasks to complete. In additional to unlocking and completing levels, finding valuable treasure and spinning prize wheels, you’ll get bonus coins when these are given as daily tasks! Every task you complete increases your task multiplier for… you guessed it… even more free coins on the next task! UNLOCK BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK & HD BACKGROUNDS Each level you complete on your mahjong quest through the fairy lands will reveal a new, beautiful piece of Mahjong Magic artwork. Collect each piece and save the art to your camera roll, share with friends and use as an amazing HD wallpaper. Each piece of artwork is yours forever! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOUR JOURNEY THROUGH THE FAIRY LAND… ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Land 1 - Fairy Wonderland Begin your journey in a wonderland land full of magical fairies! Land 2 - Dreaming with Fairies Pierce the veil and enter the magical lands of the Fairies. Tread the dreamlands of the fairies through 20 beautiful pieces of artwork. Land 3 - Deep into the Fairy Forest What mysteries will be revealed deep within the fairy forest? Land 4 - Elven Woods Maybe the mystical elves can help you in your quest! Land 5 – Angels & Fairies Travelling towards the Angel’s Kingdom, will they answer your call and help you in your quest? Land 6 – Angels Among Us The Angel King gives you two of his finest bodyguards to assist you on your journey Land 7 – Veil Of Fairies High in the cold mountains, can you journey through the dangerous Veil of Fairies? Land 8 – Fairies & Dragons Fearsome dragons nest in the nearby caves – are they friend or foe? Land 9 – Fairywood Thicket - Coming October 20th, 2017 Adventure through the dense forest of Fairywood Thicket on your quest to find the mysterious artifact to bring harmony back to your lands. ====================================================================== DOWNLOAD FOR FREE TODAY & START YOUR MAGIC MAHJONG ADVENTURE!
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