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Matchington Mansion
Firecraft Studios
Match 'em and Saga
Android, iOS

Matchington Mansion: Level 651 to 700 Walkthroughs

Well this is by far the most popular game I've seen on Google Play. Did you know that Matchington Mansion has over 1 MILLION reviewers. Not just players but reviewers! It has over 50 Million downloaders. We've played heaps of match 3 games buty I guess this really stands out in a few ways.. I think they stuck with the Candy match 3 theme even though the game genre is to renovate a mansion. You wouldn't think ti would work but it does. There are secret rooms, hidden objects, and pretty addictive gameplay. We've tried to get videos that have played through a bunch of the game, let us know where you get up to. :)
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