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Merge Meadow
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Merge Meadow: Q&A

Collect the all-new accessories, critters, and costumes in the limited-time Event Meadow! Open now for everyone, but only for February! Collect them all today! Merge & collect cute adorable animals in your quest to find the ultimate animal! Play this unique animal merge game and build your collection of the cutest critters! - Explore unique worlds full of adorable and magical animals! - Unlock and collect cute animals - Dress-up your animals to make your collection unique and special - Collect butterflies to get a frenzy bonus - Join the quest to find the Magic Ultimate Animal! To play, simply tap bundles to get animals, then merge animals to discover new cuter animals! Click on the bottom bundle to get animals faster, or use hearts to buy animals from the stork shop Get more animals to grow your meadow, letting you gather and merge even more adorable animals! Keep merging and continue the quest to find the ultimate animal in each unique world! With multiple worlds to explore, each with a unique theme and set of cute animals to discover - this game is hard to put down Play Merge Meadow today and get the best animal merge game available. At Extra Dimension Games, we want to evolve games to be more fun and engaging than ever before. With unique style, and cute graphics, we want Merge Meadow to be your favorite merge game. Multiple worlds full of uniquely adorable kawaii animal characters give you lots to explore & collect. As you get more animals, you collect more hearts, and expand your meadow to fit even more cute animals. With dozens of hats, you have endless combinations of dress up options for all your animals to make them the most unique and special animals around! Every world has a Magical Ultimate Animal that sparkles to show how special it is. See if you can complete your collection and get all the animals in your journal.
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