Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth

Developer: Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth

Developer: Mojang

Minecraft Earth
Android, iOS
Minecraft Earth takes the exploration and creation elements of the addictive game Minecraft, and places them in the real world through augmented reality. Go on adventures with friends and build a new world!

Minecraft Earth Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 12 Dec, 2019

1. The Basics of Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is Microsoft/Mojang’s attempt to capitalize on the augmentated reality craze that blew up with the launch of Pokemon Go, and furthered with new games like Harry Potter Wizards Unite. The game allows you to take your creativity into the real world. You’ll explore a Minecraft version of your real world location, picking up resources, interacting with farm animals, and discovering treasure.. all while building just like in traditional Minecraft. Minecraft Earth Screenshot 1

2. Getting Started

Minecraft Earth can be confusing at first. Like the original game, you are dropped right into it with no tutorial at all. But this leads to the fun of the game, exploring what you can do with it. To start, you begin by wandering around the real world, tapping on anything that highlights to pick up some resources. You should find all of the usual Minecraft blocks, including mud, rocks, and more. You’ll also find farm animals like cows and sheep.

3. Buildplates

Minecraft Earth features something new to the realm of Minecraft: buildplates. These are like your own miniature Minecraft worlds that you can place anywhere in the real world. You own them, so you don’t have to worry about someone coming along and ruining them for you. You can also bring them with you anywhere you go. Friends can be invited to help you build your buildplate. You can make anything you want. From a fortress, to a farm. Minecraft Earth Screenshot 2

4. Make Stuff

When you aren’t working on your buildplate, you can use resources you’ve gathered to make your own creations. You can do that under the Make Stuff menu. You’ll also find a challenges section. Each day there will be a new challenge available, and if you complete it you will unlock rewards. Minecraft Earth Screenshot 3 Minecraft Earth also introduces a premium currency called Rubies. With Rubies you can purchase much larger buildplates to build on, and even premade buildplates with villages and towns, etc.

5. Go on an Adventure!

Lastly, a big feature of Minecraft Earth are Adventures. You’ll see glowing locations in the real world that when you walk to them, will allow you to mine for rare materials, battle monsters, and play with friends. You’ll equally share picked up materials among friends, and the entire world is generated with AR.

Final Word

Minecraft Earth is a fun sandbox experiment for augmented reality. With a fun focus on friends and building, you’ll definitely have a good time trying out the game. If you follow our guide, you’ll be building massive creations in no time.

Launch Video

Overall Tips

  • Explore the world through AR
  • Gather resources
  • Earn Rubies to unlock more buildplates

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