Minions Paradise: Review

Minions Paradise

by: Electronic Arts
Minions Paradise is one of those games that was created specifically for linking with a motion picture release, but the cool thing about it is that it delivers so much more than you would expect. You are given an island, and the aim of the game is to customize it to your hearts desire. There are also plenty of mini-games that provide plenty of unique, exciting challenges!


Gameplay (90%)

What makes Minions Paradise so popular is obviously the minions, but at the same time you have the ability to customize the island in any way you want, using as much creativity as you can muster! You can plant trees, grow eels or place hammocks, not to mention that you can harvest bananas, it all comes down to you and you will love the gameplay for sure. Most of these items will offer decorative value and nothing else, but there are a few that provide resources which will help you build new stuff on the island. Most of the time, it all comes down to having fun with your minions and using your resources in order to create new places where they can play! The interesting thing about the game, aside from the massive customization factor, is that you can always come back and improve the island in any way you want. The gameplay is very immersive and you will always find yourself trying to get more resources and new ways to improve your island. The minions are also very fun, with them alone offering a high replay value based on the cool animations and funny sounds. Minions Paradise Screenshot 1  

Graphics (92%)

Minions Paradise places a lot of focus on its graphics. All of the artwork is very cartoonish, which in some games can be a negative, but when the game is actually based off a cartoon it does the job perfectly. You will always find yourself in front of a colorful game world and funny characters, which is one of the standout features in the game. Overall these graphics are offered at a very high quality, and the game does an astounding job when it comes to providing you with something fresh, cool and exciting. All of the graphics are very impressive for sure. Minions Paradise Screenshot 2  

Production Quality (90%)

Since this is a high standard title, you would expect no performance issues, and this is definitely true. The game does a great job when it comes to offering a fluid gameplay experience, and at the same time it looks amazing, which is what matters at the end of the day. Minions Paradise Screenshot 3  

Value for Money (85%)

Minions Paradise is free of charge, but it does come with some in-app purchases however these are optional, even though they might improve your gameplay in the latter portion of the game.  

Trailer with Gameplay



As it sits, Minions Paradise comes as a highly recommended title. It offers great production value, itís very easy to play and the graphics are just stunning. If you love Minions or have even the slightest interest in playing a game thatís colorful and fun, this is for you! Pros
  • Great graphics and detailed environments.
  • Stunning soundtrack.
  • Cute minions!
  • In-app purchase price is a little steep.

Game Help Guru Rating 89%



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