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Alien Path

by: AppXplore
Travel from planet to planet as you face of the invading Robots who are hell-bent on destroying all living civilization. Hatch new ascended Aliens, discover legendary powers and set your self on a path of robot destruction – all life in the universe is counting on you!


Gameplay 92%

Alien Path is essentially a puzzle strategy game where you must plan out the path a rebel alien hero must follow to destroy evil robots invading its home world and free all the planets in the galaxy.   To move the pink extraterrestrial creature you play as, just touch the screen and drag your finger to the direction you wish to go. If you hit a robot in your way, you’ll damage it, and if the robot gets its Hit Points down to zero, it will explode. In a level you can have 3 or 4 robots at the same time in the grid, and when you get rid of them, another round of them will appear. Most levels are 3 rounds, with a tougher robot boss to defeat at the end. When you move the pink alien, it will pass over several kinds of icons, which will affect its direction and other properties. Arrows change the way it goes, but they also add power to whoever it hits at the end. The green blobs shoot green beams to the nearest robot, and there are also blue crystals that recover stamina, red balls that recover HP, and other treasures to find. One your turn is over, the robots will attack. The lower minions shoot at you with lasers, but there are some that dash at you and others that attack with bombs or special weapons. The icons you use disappear when touched, and after each turn, the empty spaces will fill up, and the robots will move to another place. Below the grid, there are 3 special cards that activate some kind of alien power. These consume stamina, but are very useful in certain situations. There’s a card that stuns a robot for a turn, another one that makes it hit enemies instead of you, one that puts them all to sleep, and not only attacks, some can affect the playground, like a card the shuffles the board; so if you don’t have any arrows to run over, you may get lucky and have many to take after the shuffle. You can destoy rocks on the grid to get special gems that power up the cards or your character, and some robots also leave them, or you can get them by accomplishing achievements. You use the gems to get level up your alien, unlock new ones, and the same with cards. Also, beside the special attack the cards have, just by equipping them you level up some stats, like making the arrows give you more strenght when you crash against a robot, or makign the green beam of the blobs stronger. Each planet has several levels, and after you beat them all, you free that planet and go to another one in the galaxy to continue your mission of freeing the universe from the evil robots.

Graphics 92%

Alien Path features a hand-drawn 2D visual style. The characters, menus and all elements in the screen look pretty good and have nice animation, but the cards look specially stunning, with great attention to detail. However, when you activate them you only see a picture get bigger on screen, the creature in the cards aren’t animated.   When the alien dashes, it leaves a pink transparent trail, and everything it hits has its unique reaction. When robots explode, you can even see screws, bolts and steel springs coming out from the and being scattered around the grid. The are many different kind of aliens to play with, as well as robot types to face off, and each of them has unique attacks and idle animations. Also, there’s a story told by beautiful looking cutscenes, and the world map and space exploration parts of the game look awesome.

Production Quality 93%

Alien Path has a gameplay style that has been seen before, but its loaded with features you’ll problably won’t see anywhere else, as well as high quality visuals, audio, character design and story to tell.   The strategy involved in this game is very complex once you get to the later levels, and when you start using the cards and trading gems to level up your characters and the cards, you notice just how deep the gameplay system really is. There are 16 kind of aliens to play as, 100 Power Cards to collect, hundreds of levels to play and weekly challenges you can try, which are sure to keep you busy in the long run.

Value for your Money 94%

Alien Path is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You won’t see any advertising, as the game gets revenue through in-app transactions. You can buy gems to power up your cards and get new aliens, but will normal gameplay you should be able to get them at a decent rate.

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Alien Path is a different kind of Puzzle/RPG you can try if you’re already bored by the same kind of match-3 games that feature a level up system and a story. Alien Path has all that, plus an interesting intergalactic story and a deep strategy system that few games have. Check it out now if you want to try a unique mix of Strategic Puzzle RPG. Pros
  • Over a Dozen aliens to play with, content to unlock and hundreds of levels to beat
  • Really nice visuals and music
  • It takes a while to really understand the card system and deep mechanics
  • You can’t even launch the game if not connected to the internet

Game Help Guru Rating 93%

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