Mr. Ninja!! Fever: Review

Mr. Ninja!! Fever

by: Ponos
Mr. Ninja!! Fever created by Ponos is a nice one button Rhythm/Reflexes Game with catchy music you can download right now for free. The Battle Mode may get old after you reach a certain distance, but Adventure will get you coming for more until you beat them all.


Gameplay (90%)

The objective of the game is to make the ninja jump from one planet to another, while cutting through enemy aliens to earn points. Just tapping wherever you like on the screen will make the ninja jump. Along the way you’ll encounter planets with lava pits where you have to time your jumps just right. And also you can enter bazookas to shoot the ninja flying a long distance. There’s a time limit, but you can grab a Clock Item in the air to get some extra seconds. Mr. Ninja Fever Review Screenshot 1   Battle Mode has no end. It is the typical Mobile Game where you challenge yourself for the longest distance or highest score. Adventure Mode has a limited number of planets, and the overall goal is to reach the last one, but there are certain secondary objectives to get a “Star Rank” at the end, like slashing a certain amount of aliens or reaching enough points. Each time you play you earn coins you can use in the game store to buy items, and before each level you have the change to select a “revive potion” or other items that will help you get beat you record. The Ninja gets experience the more you play, and as you level up it gets abilities like earning more points with every slash, or a second mid-air jump. You also unlock new characters along the way.  

Graphics (80%)

The visual style fits the game, but it’s made up mostly of an orange/yellow background with silhouette characters/objects. The animation, while simple, gets the job done, but after playing for a while, it gets kinda repetitive seeing just black and amber. The menus are much more colorful, and the characters have a nice design; but the levels could use more variety. Mr Ninja Fever Review Screenshot 2  

Production Quality (90%)

Overall Mr Ninja!! Fever is a great free game that will give you a few hours of fun. Battle Mode is your typical endless level, but it’s entertaining for a while. Adventure is a nice challenge that will keep you trying again and again. The music is great and there are tons of items and characters to discover. The level design may start quite simple, but once you play for a while, complex levels and great challenge awaits you. Mr Ninja Fever Review Screenshot 3  

Value for your Money (85%)

As with many mobile games, it often prompts you to buy items with real money, but you can have a good time without making in-app transactions for quite a while (until it gets way too hard to be enjoyable). The are not any annoying ads, and if you enjoy the game for a couple of hours, giving a dollar to the developers isn’t too much to ask.

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Mr. Ninja!! Fever is a nice One-Button game you can download right now for free if you enjoy endless jumpers. It may start like a “Casual” Title, but soon you’ll be testing your gaming skills. Pros
  • Great Music
  • Simple Control
  • Nice Challenge
  • It could have more colorful levels
  • After a while it’s very hard to advance without in-app purchases

App Guru Rating 85%


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