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by: LinkDesks Inc.
PopCat by LinkDeks Inc. is a nice casual elimination puzzle that will have you matching colorful cat icons to reach the Target Score. Simple to play, and very addictive once you get into making the huge matches, with a helpful item for linking great groups of the same cats together for maximum score.


Gameplay 75%

PopCat is a pretty simple puzzle game. You have a grid with colored cats faces, and you only need to have two or more together to make them disappear. When you first tap on a group of icons of the same color, they’ll be highlighted and you’ll see how many cats will be matched and how many points you will get. You can choose another group to see if it’s a better move, or tap again to make the match. PopCat Screenshot 1   There’s no time limit or a certain amount of moves, you only need to reach the Target Score for each level to advance. You get a Game Over if you can not longer create a match and haven’t reached the necessary amount of points for the stage. The interesting thing here, is that the points you get, get carried over to the next stage. In Level 1, you need 1,000 points, and on Level 2, you need 3,000. If you manage to beat the first one with 2,500 points, then you’ll only need to get 500 points to go on to Level 3. The game doesn’t really gets harder the more you advance, you just need to make bigger matches in order to reach the Target Score, but since the points carry over, if you have been making huge matches in the first levels, you won’t have a problem winning for the next 2 or 3 stages, and there’s also a special item to help you out. You can transform any given cat icon in the grid to another color by using the Magic Fish item. You just tap on it on the upper right corner of the screen, and a Color Select screen will appear. Tap on the one you want, and then tap on the grid where you want it. This item is very helpful in creating bigger matches and boosting your score.

Graphics 78%

PopCat has the visual look you’d come to expect from free casual mobile puzzles. Colorful icons over a simplistic dark background, no complex animation or anything, you a little highlight effect when you’re about to make a match, and then the icons disappear in a explosion of tiny blocks. PopCat Screenshot 2   A nice detail is that the cats expression changes when you tap on them, and each color has a different one. But other than that, they’re pretty static. It should be said that the texts have a nice design, but the score numbers and signs after a big chain such as “Good” and “Cool” just appear, and then vanish with a fading effect, nothing really fancy or eye catchy. Overall, it’s just an OK game in terms of the visual experience it offers. Nothing to really complain, it’s just not a memorable game… Maybe just for people that love feline pets.

Production Quality 64%

PopCat is just your standard puzzle game. You start out matching colors, move to another stage as you earn points, if you fail to reach the score on a stage, Game Over, and go back all the way to the beginning. And that’s all about it. PopCat Screenshot 3   The gameplay works just perfect, and once you get the hang of creating big matches, it can get pretty addictive, but once you reach about Level 10 or so, it just feels like there’s nothing more to it, and you’ll probably look for something else to play. The game has no extra challenges, achievements, characters to unlock, different background settings or music. Kind of like the original Tetris and other Arcade style puzzles we got in the 80’s, just a single player experience where you’re only motivation is to set a High Score. That worked back in the day, but now, with so many puzzles available featuring World Maps to explore and mix in RPG elements to level up your characters and items, PopCat just doesn’t offer anything to keep you playing for more than a half an hour.

Value for your Money 50%

PopCat is free on Google Play, but there’s always a anner ad showing at the top of the screen. It doesn’t mess with the gameplay experience, but it can be annoying seeing it there all the time. There are also in-app transactions to buy Magic Fish, but unless you spend hours playing this game and really want to support the developers, you’ll only check it out for a while without entering the in-game shop.

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PopCat is a simple casual puzzle with an easy to learn tap gameplay and it’s a perfect time killer, just not meant for the hardcore puzzle fan. It’s perfect for casual players just looking something to do while they wait or ride the bus or something like that. You may struggle to beat the first levels, but once you “get” the gameplay mechanic and reach level 10, you’ll probably look for another game. Pros
  • Simple Tap Controls
  • Colorful graphics, colorful cats and nice text desing
  • Lacks content for Replay Value, like challenges or achievements

Game Help Guru Rating 73%

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