Nintendo Switch: Bad Price, Big Questions


Nintendo’s newest console (and it’s biggest gamble yet) is finally stepping out of the shadows. The only problem: price.

  Nintendo is changing. They are joining the ranks of their competitors, and will soon be charging for their online gaming service. They will soon charge $49 for a small game controller. $90 for a dock. $60 for a game. Nintendo is changing to adapt to their current situation. But Nintendo isn’t learning from their past mistakes. The Nintendo Switch will be introduced at the same exact price as the Wii U. Let that sink in for a moment.     There were many problems that haunted the Wii U. Mainly the complete and utter lack of third party support. But one of the bigger issues appeared right at the starting line: price. The Wii U was way overpriced, compared to it’s competition. It offered less, for more. You can argue that while the Switch is going to start at that same price, it is an entirely different system than it’s competitors. While that is true, a potential buyer could buy a more powerful game console for LESS. Therein lies the Switch’s true value: it’s first party games and it’s portability. But if either one of those values fail, so does the Switch.     We finally know that Skyrim is coming to the Switch. It’s kind of hilarious that a game basically six years old, is one of the most wanted third party games on the new console. That shows how badly Nintendo has handled third party relations lately. But Nintendo can’t rely on just third party support. If they fail to release a steady stream of their own games, the console fails. The Wii U has been waiting for Breath of the Wild since it’s inception. Now it’s coming to the fateful console as it slowly melts away.   If the portability aspect of the console isn’t what it seems (battery life, gameplay, etc)… the Switch is a failure. For $270 you can get a PS4. That’s more power, WITH a game. You can’t take it with you, and that’s where the key difference lies.   This is uncharted territory. If there was ever a dream portable console.. this is it. If there was ever the perfect console for a true 3D Pokemon RPG.. this is it. But if there was ever the chance for complete and utter disaster… this is it. Nintendo built this console around a type of processor that you would find in a tablet. This was the perfect chance to enter the market with a new console that could drive consumers to buy the Switch, instead of a high-end tablet for gaming. Instead they release it at a price haunted by the failure of the Wii U, and in stiff competition from their rivals.   Nintendo has failed the Switch on price. Now only time will tell if their risk, pays off.  


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