Nintendo Switch Facing Harsh Criticism Before Release


One month before the next generation Nintendo console hits store shelves, the game-changing console is already facing criticism.

  Next month Nintendo’s biggest gamble in it’s long history finally makes it to market: the Nintendo Switch. It’s the bold experiment of merging a home console with a portable console, with the hopes of the Switch living in harmony alongside Nintendo’s 3DS (and hopefully not cannibalize sales for the older portable). But much to Nintendo’s dismay, the new console is already receiving harsh criticism.     From the reveal of the Switch, investors were concerned. Nintendo stocks fell the day the Switch became public news. The main issue lies in the problem Nintendo always faces: trying to reinvent the market with something new. Nintendo never releases a normal, “boring” console. They always strive to be different. Sometimes that is good, but recently that’s a bad thing. And now one month from launch day, the Switch is facing the same criticism the Wii U faced during it’s lifespan. Lack of games.   The launch lineup is weak for the Switch. With the price very high for the market the Switch is geared towards, it’s hard to justify the price. Nintendo’s president even had to address the concerns of many critics.   “Some of those who have seen this lineup have expressed the opinion that the launch lineup is weak,” Kimishima said during an earnings briefing this week. “Our thinking in arranging the 2017 software lineup is that it is important to continue to provide new titles regularly without long gaps. This encourages consumers to continue actively playing the system, maintains buzz, and spurs continued sales momentum for Nintendo Switch.”     Nintendo does indeed see the problems that the Wii U had. Long gaps of little to no game releases basically became a game drought. But with the Switch being such a new and risky concept, you would hope that Nintendo had locked down more launch games. Especially, again.. for that high price.   The Switch is a bet Nintendo is willingly to take. Only time will tell if that bet pays off. We’ll keep following the Switch, and we’ll have more news as launch day nears.    


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