Nintendo’s New Portable Console Patent


Nintendo files patent for new portable game console.

  With the Nintendo NX coming March of next year, the rumor mill continues to pick up on whether the NX will be strictly a home console, or a home and mobile hybrid. No matter the answers to that question, we do now have evidence that Nintendo is developing some kind of portable console, NX related or not. Behold, the patent information on this mysterious new device.   Design information from patent One of the designs featured in the patent.   With multiple designs possible, there isn’t much to go on from this patent. It does appear to have a more Gameboy retro feel than a 3DS feel, with one design bringing back the physical buttons.   Touch screen design patent Touch screen style design from patent.   Another design showcases a candy bar type console with on-screen buttons rather than physical buttons. The buttons are overlayed on the screen in a unique way, with areas for weapons, etc. This design is reminiscent of a smartphone.   Design featuring vibration Design featuring vibration function.   Another design shows how a vibration feedback function would be important. There’s also a focus on sound coming from the ends of the device. Again, this is a very familiar cellphone design style.   We should learn more about this mysterious device as time rolls on. With the Nintendo NX months way, we’ll know more soon!  


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