NoGap: Review


by: Roozbeh Zabihollahi
NoGap is a new app available on iOS which allows you to make and receive secure phone calls and texts. With the Edward Snowden leaks, and the following fall-out which revealed how far reaching government surveillance had become, many are turning to encrypted methods of communication. The business of protecting peoples’ privacy will only get bigger. How many non-technical people knew what VPN meant 5-10 years ago?


The Basics

There are lots of apps that have similar features, but there’s not too many that have this much power delivered with this level of simplicity. When you first open NoGap you are asked only 3 simple questions before you are ready to start making secure calls. What country are you from, what is your phone number, and would you like to import your contacts. You are then sent a 4 digit verification code and you are ready to go. NoGap Screenshot 1  

User Interface

There’s lots of talk about design lately, and lots of it boils down to the ability to allow users to conduct complicated tasks in the most simple way possible while still maintaining a visually appealing UI. NoGap definitely mixes these fundamentals well. The UI is clean, simple, and practical. NoGap Screenshot 2  


NoGap provides reliable and secure means of communication to protect your privacy. You can invite your existing contacts, setup is dead simple, and it is free. There is also a very simple method for updating your public and private keys with the tap of a button. Game Help Guru rate NoGap an 86%, we recommend that you take a look today! If you would like more information, check out their website at NoGap Screenshot 3  

Game Help Guru Rating 86%



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