Number Fill in puzzles - Numerix, numeric puzzles (1000657): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Number Fill in puzzles - Numerix, numeric puzzles
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Number Fill in puzzles - Numerix, numeric puzzles: Q&A

With our Number Fill in puzzle, you will have fun guaranteed for hours. The Fill it ins Cross number, number puzzle games (Numerix, Crossnumbers), are free and easy puzzle games that can be played by anyone. Those fill it in Number puzzles, are a variation of the common fill it ins crossword puzzle in which numbers, rather than clues, are given. The numbers to fill in the Kriss Kross, or crossnumbers grid are grouped by number of digits and listed below (or at right side) of the grid. To solve the easy fill it ins puzzle number game, you should fill the grid with all the listed numbers. The fill it ins crossnumber puzzles offered by this application are more than 250, available in four different size: - Number fill in Puzzles with size 9x9 - Number Puzzles size 11x11 - Numerix Puzzles size 13x13 - Number Puzzles size 15x15 For every fill-ins Number puzzle games, the solution is available. The main feature of this easy game applications are: - Fill ins crossnumber games solutions always present - With a special button. it is possible to check the correctness of puzzles answers. - It is possible to "show a word" to help with hard puzzles - The number games can be solved off-line and no registration is required. Much more number games puzzles are available in the professional version of the fill it ins number puzzle games (without any ads). Have Fun
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