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Skyline Skaters

by: Tactile Games
Join the awesome Skyline Skaters in their flight from the authorities. Choose between daring Skaters, each with their own unique abilities and tricks! The vigilant rooftop police are always on your tail in their chopper and will stop at nothing to nab you. Get as far as you can before they catch you!


Gameplay 79%

Skyline Skaters is mostky an endless runner platformer with the difference that you’re on a skateboard running away from a police helicopter jumping from rooftops of buildings, riding on rails and collecting coins by performing tricks.   The only thing you do is tap on the screen in order to jump, as the skater advances automatically, and performs tricks depending on your actions. You can also tap again in mid-air for an extra leap while high up, which is useful for collecting complete trails of coins and getting into high places. Your objective is just to go as far as possible without the cops catching you, and in order to do that you must dodge traffic cones that slow you down, avoid crashing walls or falling down, and after a while tiny police robot helicopters will start appearing and they will even shoot rockets at you, making things harder as you advance. Along the way you can collect coins to buy new skateboards that give you special abilities, such as a shield to be able to take a single hit. There are items floating in the air like a rainbow that creates bridges between gaps, a magnet that attracts coins to you, and character icons that need to be collected in order to unlock them and be able to play with them. Besides bronze coins, there are silver ones worth x2, and gold ones worth x3, and if you collect all of them in a trail, you get bonus coins, so try to continue your combos as much as you can. There are also letter icons that form a word such as “SKATE”, and when you collect them all you’ll hop on a rocket and go to the sky to collect hundreds of coins while flying. Once you crash, fall down or get caught by the helicopter, you will be able to continue by paying with 2 bills of in-game currency, if you lose again you’ll have to poay $4 to continue and so on. You can keep going by watching a video ad, but that only works once per play. Finally, as you gain experience and keep getting higher ranks, you’ll unlock new places to play in, such as San Francisco, Berlin, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Hawaii and more.

Graphics 81%

Skyline Skaters features a cartoony family friendly 3D style with wacky cool characters that seem to be based on current CGI series aimed at kids. Skaters have big heads and small limbs, and they’re very expressive.   All the elements in the stages also seem to be “fun size”, since even the helicopter that is after you seems to be remoted controlled. Everything looks like a toy, but the moving elements have decent animation, and it’s always fun to see what tricks the main character performs, like air flips and hand stand after collecting a while trail of coins. When you grind over rails you can see sparks coming out, and when you collect coins you see them disappear in nice looking tiny explosions. Some items activate special effects, such as the rush ahead power up that makes your skateboard rocket propelled and you see a trail of fire coming out of it while you go several meters ahead at full speed. Besides normal rooftops, you may get to hotels that have a huge garden, skyscrapers in construction, or even enter one of the top floors of an office building and jump over desks. And you can see many different elements in the city far away, unlike most runner titles that have a blurred background with just a few elements, or even use silhouettes, here you can see the whole panorama.

Production Quality 84%

Skyline Skaters offers the gameplay you’d expect from a runner title, with missions to accomplish while you play the main mode, and many characters and boards to unlock, each with its own stats and abilities.   After reaching a certain distance in a stage, you may feel like that’s everything you’ll see, but wait until you can go to the rooftops of a different city because a different skate adventure is waiting for you.

Value for your Money 92%

Skyline Skaters is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You will see some advertising when you lose, but that’s to be expected. You can also buy in game’s currency in order to buy boosters and upgrade your characters, but a good player able to reach a great distance every play, won’t really need to spend real money.

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Skyline Skaters is a fun endless platformer that doesn’t really change the formula you’re used to, but it’s a well done game overall, and with so much content and cities to play in, it’s worth downloading to perform hazardous jumps from building to building with only your skateboard to save you. Pros
  • Very simple controls, but fast-paced fun gameplay
  • Many characters to play with, power ups, skateboards and cities to unlock
  • The extra achievements give the game replay value
  • It gets a tad repetitive once you reach a certain distance
  • It takes ages (or great gaming skills) to unlock a new city to play in

Game Help Guru Rating 82%

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