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  Pipbo Physics Problems  

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So this app is really very cool.  It is targetted specifically at University/College science students to help with their Physics subjects.  There is a free version with about 40 questions, and the full version which is only about $1 USD which has over 150 questions.  But the great thing is that you aren’t limited by these questions because they are dynamic… every time the same question may appear, all the variables will be different.  I haven’t seen anything like it. Pipbo Physics Problems Review Screenshot 1 Not only that, but along with each question being dynamically generated, a worked solution is also generated, showing you step by step how the problem was solved. Pipbo Physics Problems Review Screenshot 2 There’s a scratchpad where you can conduct calculations with your finger or with a stylus… this is most useful on tablets as you have the extra screen room.  There’s also a calculator. Pipbo Physics Problems Review Screenshot 3



Each question can also be traced back to fundamental theories of physics, so if you get a question wrong you can see where you need more revision. Pipbo Physics Problems Review Screenshot 4 Overall this app is so perfect for studying and preparing for exams… Once you try it I’m sure you will agree.   Pros
  • Download the free version to give it a try… I think you’ll then want the full version for only $1 USD.
  • Clean, easy to navigate UI
  • Nothing else like it
  • Well, I can’t think of any!


Fit For Purpose10 Interface9.5 Production Quality9.5 Value for Money10 Overall9.75    


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